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Unlock Insights and Power
of Automation

Managers across organizations consistently identify information gaps in business processes and operational workflows and enrich the list of requirements for improved business decision-making.
In this study, we collected the results of executives' survey around the emerging automation needs and trends that are critical for business growth.
IDC Technology Spotlight - Intelligent Automation

What you learn from this Study

By following the insights outlined in the study, organizations can improve the performance of their processes and increase productivity. Get the recent insights from the executive survey to understand how to benefit from cost-effective automation.

Primary focus of automation

By embedding Intelligent Automation in their processes, organizations can analyze and remove data silos, reduce employee costs, and get a scalable infrastructure.

Critical automation requirements

The study provides an overview of the needs business owners shares in our survey. Read more about emerging technologies, automation solutions, and process challenges.

Cost-effective automation

Review the insights about the cost-effective automation tools and learn how they can facilitate the workflows and provide better performance.

No-code automation

By implementing the study insights, organizations can choose the right automation solution to reduce implementation efforts and accelerate business growth.

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