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No-code data integration solution for all teams

Connect systems using pre-built connectors of 340+ systems. Automate workflows and build ultimate visibility.

Integration Designer

Data integration platform trusted by customers worldwide

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Key features of data integration tools


Infinite scalability

Connect multiple systems and instances with unlimited scalability using powerful no-code integration.


Costs predictability

Minimize IT costs and human errors while speeding up decision-making using a suite of integration solutions.

integration for enterprises

Built for enterprises

A high level of security ensures your data is protected with the latest SSO certifications.

How it works

This data integration solutions guide walks through the essential elements of our enterprise data application integration workflow. See the example of no-code data integration.


Sign in to open Platform Manager, which allows you to leverage data integration and iPaaS solutions to design your data integration processes. Once successfully logged into the Platform Manager, open the new source connector wizard.

Create New Connection

Create a new source connector from our 340+ connector list following the steps in the wizard.

Create New Destination Connection

Create a new destination connector from our repository of 340+ connectors while being guided through the configuration wizard.

Field Descriptors and Formatting

Based on the specific process for integration, map the fields and apply appropriate descriptors to individual fields.

Execute Action

Click RUN to see the results. Synchronize data.


Add more data sources to connect or sync data or sync systems following the same steps 1 through 5.

Key no-code integration platform features

predictive analytics tools

Dynamic Propensity Modeling

Use different inputs into propensity modeling to understand possible outcomes before committing. Get real-time signals with predictive marketing software.
predictive customer analytics

No Code Configuration

A no-code system integration that allows you to work efficiently and scale through configuration with AI predictive modeling. Benefit from integrated systems.
predictive analytics connectors

Certified Connectors

Hundreds of supported industry-leading pre-built connectors with iPaaS solutions. Data synchronization with enterprise application integration.
predictive ai

Embedded 360 Analytics

Insight and dashboards are embedded directly into the software where people work. Understand true customer intent with a predictive customer insights platform.
predictive intent

Integrated Intent Prediction Analysis

Choose which inputs go into your decision-making process. Drive business outcomes with the predictive customer insights platform.
predictive ai transformations

Easy Transformations

Use the platform integration to transform from any source so it becomes compatible with and acceptable to the destination system.
predictive ai governance

In-flight Governance

Check fields, manage exceptions, and perform error repair on the fly or answer audit calls. Try iPaaS in action.
Predictive ai connectivity

Secure On-Premise Connection

Secure and seamless connectivity between the intent-based marketing software and on-premise enterprise applications and systems.

Explore data integration solution demo and use case videos

Put It Forward Integration Designer - Feature Tour

Put It Forward Integration Designer helps connect data sources with automated data integration and get quick access to the centralized data view.

  • 340+ pre-built connectors and auto builders to help you operate faster

  • Single point for centralized field mapping, data transformation logic, and business rules

  • Shared data with other departments through a synchronized no-code integration platform

  • Minimized IT costs and human errors with a data integration solution

Integration Designer Demo

Organizations adopt best of breed solutions at the functional and departmental level for a number of reasons. 

You'll see in this scenario how by using the Put It Forward Integration Designer two of these solutions can be connected together in anyway you need.

  • Open configurable connectors
  • Select integration frequencies from real time to intraday
  • Apply business rules and event triggers for seamless execution

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Create Personalized Customer Experiences with Data Integration

By providing a great digital customer experience, organizations can engage new customers and retain existing ones, while building a strong brand in the niche.

Why Organizations Use Customer Data Integration Software

Data integration combines all forms of data. It puts business information into a single location for all teams to use. Read why organizations need an integration solution.

Calculate Integration ROI before investing in a No-Code Platform

Use the Put It Forward integration ROI calculator to establish a baseline cost/benefit return on a coding vs no-code integration solution.

FAQ about no-code integration

What is a no-code integration platform?

data integration platform is an advanced solution that combines a unique no-code technology to help organizations gather information from numerous sources, combine it, and create a unified data view.

With the use of data integration software, employees can quickly access the necessary data and build alignment on joint operations between departments in order to operate faster and provide customers with products or services that meet their needs.

What are the benefits of data integration automation?

The most important data integration automation benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity - data integration automation can help organizations to automate and simplify the data integration process which frees up resources that would otherwise be spent on manual tasks, and can help to improve the accuracy and quality of data integration results.
  • Accelerated decision-making - one of the main benefits of data integration automation is the ability to improve decision-making processes by providing organizations with access to more accurate and up-to-date data. This helps them to make more informed decisions.
  • Reduced costs - by automating the data integration process, organizations can save resources and money. The software by Put It Forward reduces the need for manual data entry and can help to improve the accuracy and quality of collected data.
  • Improved customer satisfaction - access to accurate and up-to-date data allows organizations to provide better customer service, tailor the offer to the expectations of potential customers, and improve the overall quality of customer interactions.
How to choose an AI data integration platform?

There are a few tips for choosing an AI data integration platform tailored to your needs. Take into consideration the following aspects:

  • the volume and complexity of the collected data - if your organization gathers and processes high volumes of data, it's important to choose an AI integration platform that can handle the scale.
  • no code connectors -  to decrease the time needed for the integration process, it's worth choosing a solution that allows you to connect to most of the data sources without the need to code.
  • the platform's architecture - it should be based on open standards and be highly extensible so that it can be easily integrated with other applications used within the organization.
  • the security and privacy of the data - make sure that the AI data integration platform you choose can be configured to meet your organization's security and privacy requirements.

The platform's support for data governance - it's important to choose a solution that supports data governance so that you can ensure the quality and consistency of the data.