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Leverage finance automation to deliver deep insights to all teams

Intelligent Finance Automation makes numbers and data more insightful for customers, employees and shareholders.

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Unlock deep insights to move forward  faster with Intelligent Financial Automation

Across industries, finance teams are asked to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks and reduce processing time to generate insights, reinvent themselves, and sustain themselves with new value-creation opportunities. 

Finance must powerfully articulate insights from numbers with enough impact to influence decision-making and move businesses to action. Here lies the opportunity to augment technology with human intelligence. Intelligent Finance Automation offers the platform to rewire finance to create strategic insight-led value faster while automating repetitive non-value-added tasks. 

By Mckinsey, 40% of finance activities can be automated. The role of the finance team then shifts to include communicating data as information for stakeholders, leading other departments to make the best decisions for the company overall, and shaping the value-creation agenda for the organization 28% more profitability.

Drive efficiency with intelligent automation in finance

With the help of the Put It Forward Intelligent Finance Automation, finance teams can automate non-value-added tasks and get predicted insights to unlock and scale new ideas faster. Empower your teams to get access to a single source of truth and work efficiently on your business goals. The journey to a highly digitized, technology-enhanced finance function starts with a single step and platform - the Intelligent Automation Platform.

  • Connected Purchase Experience


    Connect the dots between strategy and execution. Orchestrate actionable steps to deliver an enhanced purchase experience.

  • Accelerate Revenue Flow

    Financial Planning & Analysis

    Shift cost through automation and scale growth engines with the automation of FP&A processes. Eliminate hidden bottlenecks and manual efforts.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Analysis & Modeling

    Break down silos of data and uncover insights across the business to reveal early warning risk indicators.

Automated financial workflows

Automated financial workflows

Use Intelligent Automation Platform to integrate data, systems and uncover deep accurate insights.

Financial Reporting and Forecast

Financial Reporting and Forecast

Improve forecast precision and deliver decision-ready insights that drive growth in FP&A.

New Revenue Streams

New Revenue Streams

With an increased focus on efficiency and digitization, finance teams are focused on new data value streams.

Why invest in Intelligent Finance Automation?

With Intelligent Finance Automation constantly analyzing data, assessing risk, and providing actionable insights, finance professionals can deepen their commercial acumen and play a more significant role in influencing decision-making across the enterprise. From revenue-generating to cost-improvement initiatives, from CxO to back-office processes, Intelligent Finance Automation moves finance forward fast. See outcomes of automation in finance.

Risk Mitigation


of finance work has been digitized or automated

Risk Mitigation


more time on value-added activities

Integration Platform


of finance insights accuracy

FAQ about Intelligent Finance Automation

What is Intelligent Finance Automation?

Intelligent Finance Automation is the operational and functional consolidation of data integration, process automation, and predictive analytics that embraces a human-led, tech-powered vision to deliver sustained business and functional outcomes.

What are the benefits of automation in finance industry?

Intelligent Finance Automation helps to rewire finance functions to create strategic insight-led value

  • Cut costs

  • Maximise productivity 

  • Streamline processes 

  • Define processes clearly 

  • Reduce rework and cut errors 

  • Boost employee and customer satisfaction 

  • Reduce compliance risk.

What's the difference between traditional and Intelligent Finance Automation?

Intelligent Finance Automation focuses on leveraging digital technologies to fundamentally change how a finance team operates and delivers value to its stakeholders. It involves automating key manual and operational processes. By embracing digital technologies, finance leaders can automate repetitive non-value-added work and focus on uncovering insights to create new revenue streams, recommend cost improvement initiatives and change the narrative of the conversation to be more strategic and backed by insights.

Traditional Finance Automation focuses on modernizing and optimizing certain sections of finance processes. It involves upgrading legacy systems, implementing new technologies, and improving processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs. By modernizing finance infrastructure and processes, finance can reduce downtime, improve performance, and deliver singular value.