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Simple and Predictable Pricing

Everything you need to integrate, automate, analyze and predict better outcomes.

Comprehensive and pay-as-you-go pricing

Our pricing model can be tailored to any business scenario.
Pay for what you need when you need it. 

Integrate anything

Start with the Integration designer.

Synchronize any type of data. Integrate any number of apps, systems, and tools.

  • 340+ pre-built integration connectors
  • Unlimited number of integrations
  • Cloud on-premise deployment
  • No-code configuration
  • Auto field mapping
  • On-call data objects 
  • In-flight data governance

Process automation

Start with the Automation designer.

Automate processes of any complexity. Streamline workflows at scale.

  • All integration features
  • Unlimited business rules and workflows
  • Event triggers
  • Parallel process management 
  • In-flight process optimization
  • Global process observability
  • Smart change management 

Embedded insights

Start with Siteline analytics.

Get real-time insights about what's happening in your organization, processes, and data.

  • Works with the integration and process automation functions
  • Unified data services layer
  • Create insights from across multiple systems
  • Embed insights dashboards
  • Optimize revenue, operations, and IT-based function

Predict next best action

Start with the Delphi designer.

Predict what happens next, forecast business outcomes or your next best customer. 

  • All integration, automation, and analytics features
  • AI and ML-powered algorithms
  • Hiqh quality business insights
  • Embedded analytics dashboard
  • Dozens of highly tuned models for things like revenue optimization and risk
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Unmatched support & service to ensure any issue you encounter is immediately addressed & problems are resolved ASAP.

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Industry best practices & operational guidance for your team to benefit from our learned experience working with 100's of leading businesses.

Helping organizations drive productivity at scale

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"Customer 360 is a very simple challenge until you try to solve it.  Put It Forward was key in helping us bring it all together.”

Lindsey Drake - Marketing Automation Specialist 

Sound United

"Covid was a tough time for everyone - consumers shifted the way they did everything and we had to lead - the team at Put It Forward showed us the next level in the data driven story and delivered.”

Heith Krueger - Special Projects Data 


"Put It Forward takes us where no others could - we struggled for years with an enterprise data story - this solved it across the board”

Udo Waibel - CTO

What Others Have Achieved

Time and Cost Savings Icon

70% Cost Savings

On the time for integration development using the PIF solution over building with developer tools to connect, orchestrate, and monitor a multi-system modernization project.

3 Month ROI Icon

3 Month ROI

For an insight-driven abandoned shopping cart scenario that uses best-of-breed solutions to drive a superior customer experience across the end-to-end system landscape.

RPA Automation FP&A Icon

150 Hours/Month

Savings on a single automated FP&A analytics process within a fast-paced distributed organization using best-of-breed solutions, all with no code and zero IT overhead.

Frequently asked questions

What is Intelligent Automation platform?

Intelligent Automation platform is designed to support businesses with trusted insights through all customer engagement and acquisition stages. The unique technology allows automatically consolidating information about a particular customer into one profile, including previous interactions, chats, and calls. In addition, the platform determines customers' current needs and purchase intentions. So, any business team can quickly use reliable insights and close more deals.

What is Integration Designer?

Integration Designer connects systems tools and apps with 340+ pre-built no-code connectors. Organizations can connect multiple systems and instances with unlimited scalability, minimize IT costs and human errors while speeding up decision-making, and get high data security.

What is Automation Designer?

Automation Designer quickly automates processes and low-value tasks with no code efforts. Organizations can avoid rework and delays through business rules and error-free operations. Also, it drives more engagement and customer satisfaction.

What is Siteline Analytics?

Siteline Analytics optimizes a business strategy with composable data analytics and supports teams with data-driven decisions. Organizations can observe and analyze data confidently and take action.

What is Delphi designer?

Delphi Designer fosters a predictive analytics culture across the business. It helps to get high-quality forecasts and uncover more ideas to go fast forward. So business leaders can take their next best action faster with speed and confidence than their competitors.

How to the choose the best pricing package for your project?

In case you are not sure what solution package fits better your project needs, please send us your project details via the get a quote form. Then our specialist will find the best solution for you and send the pricing details. 

How to get the pricing proposal from Put It Forward?

That's a quick process! Just send us a get a quote request with the project details or solution package you choose, and we'll send you the pricing details in 1 business day.