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How OpenTable created the customer 360 and engages across multiple channels.

"Customer 360 is a very simple concept until you try to solve it.  Put It Forward was key in helping us bring it all together.”

Lindsey Drake - Marketing Automation Specialist 

OpenTable Put It Forward

OpenTable as a member of the Kayak group of companies is a recognized leader in bookings and dining.

OpenTable's customers and reach is as diverse as it gets - working individual owners and operators to global organizations.  They rely on technology to bring everything together for it work.

San Francisco, California, United States

Direct to Consumer, Enterprise, Channel and Third Party

Results by the numbers

3 Systems

Separate cloud systems now operating as a common platform.

Global Scale

Millions of people expect a seamless experience at every touchpoint.


Connection of customers across systems and touchpoint.

Processes Automated

  • Customer conversion
  • Seamless customer 360
  • Custom onboarding and nurture

Integrations and Systems

Klaviyo Connector


  • Disconnected best of breed systems
  • Multiple customer identifiers
  • Complex multi-organization relationship
  • Data integrity and business rule alignment
  • Real time data processing

The business of OpenTable is more than finding the right table when you need it.  

OpenTable needs to be able to quickly onboard restaurant owner, operators and staff across many brands and locations who each have unique and semi-unique ways of identifying themselves.

While providing complete end to end analytics of the customer experience back to location operator.


  • Implement centralized integration and data control pipes
  • Connect systems through integration
  • Unify customer identifiers
  • Manage complex many to many entity relationships

To connect customer experience, reporting and analytics across multiple best of breed solutions a number of platform components were needed.

The Put It Forward components leveraged at OpenTable are the:

  • Integration Designer - transformation logic
  • Process Manager - process management
  • Data Services - Identity Resolution
  • Data Stage - data quality and performance


  • Unified customer data platform
  • Single view of the customer and operator
  • Customer 360 analytics
  • Dynamic lead routing and performance attribution

OpenTable was brought together with Put It Forward by Oracle to solve some of the more complex and nuanced data challenges that would be required to deliver the solution.

OpenTable was able to leverage the end to end data platform of Put It Forward to unify the view of the customers, ensure data quality and manage the complex many to many relationships of its data across multiple cloud platforms.

Our customers get more than what they pay for

Put It Forward not only offers the intelligent enterprise automation platform but also the resources, support and guidance today’s businesses require to succeed with automation.

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Unmatched support & service to ensure any issue you encounter is immediately addressed & problems are resolved ASAP.

Risk Mitigation

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