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Siteline Data Analytics for Automated Insights at Scale. More than Reports.

Optimize your business strategy with composable data analytics. Support your teams with data-driven decisions.

Data Analytics Platform

Data analytics platform trusted by customers worldwide

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Benefits of data analytics tools

insights pilot

Insights pilot

Our AI data analytics operates like your co-pilot or assistant providing timeley insights.

data analytics precision

Move quickly with precision

By constantly observing and analyzing data your employees can move to data driven decision making.

better outcomes with data analytics

Unify for better outcomes

Integrate, transform, mine, orchestrate and store your data in a single easy to use platform.

How it works

This data analytics solution guide walks through the basic elements of data analytics strategy. See how customer data analytics works and supports a decision making framework.


Sign in to open the Intelligent Automation Platform Manager, then click on Siteline Analytics, which allows you to design and build automation processes that integrate your data, analytics and operations.

Create New Connection

Once successfully logged into Siteline Analytics, open the wizard to locate the applications where your data is stored. The wizard has over 340+ connectors.

Create New Destination Connection

Please locate your database and connect where the information is stored.

Field Descriptors, Formatting & Queries

Based on the specific business or functional outcomes, build the required query or queries.

Dashboard and Reports

Develop your unique dashboard from our list of dashboard templates.


Click activate to start data mining, observing the data and generating insights.


To connect other data sources to analyze and observe follow the six steps above.

Key features of data analytics

predictive analytics tools

Unified Data Management

Integrate, transform, mine, orchestrate and store your data in a single easy to use platform. Benefit from Put It Forward data analytics tool.
predictive customer analytics

Fully Automated Governance

Automated data management processes that remove manual efforts for profiling, anomaly and error corrections.
predictive analytics connectors

Real Time Dashboards

Set up multi criteria decision making. Insight and predictive analytics dashboards embedded directly into applications with up to the moment insights.
predictive ai

Self Select Prediction Modelling

Simply select inputs you want to include into the predictive analytics AI model to understand possible outcomes. Build a data-driven decision making.
predictive intent

Integrated Orchestration

Take the insight immediately to the place it needs to be through an integration process orchestration pipeline.
predictive ai transformations

Embedded No Code Integration

Full no-code data integration tool set to connect, acquire, cleanse and normalize data just the way you need it.
predictive ai governance

Ontology Mixing

Combine data, models, structures, transactional and stateless environments within integrated tooling.
Predictive ai connectivity

Secure On-Premise Connection

Secure and seamless connectivity with on-premise enterprise applications and systems.

Explore demo and use case videos

Siteline Data Analytics - Tour and Explainer Demo

  • Link all of your data, objects, and models together
  • Data and process mining for automation insights
  • AI-driven models and action orchestration to drive processes
  • Multi-temporal based reporting and analytics
  • Build automated data health and quality management directly into the places where data needs to be worked on.
  • Quickly profile large data sets to understand data health used to drive decision outcomes.

Building Custom Reports In Sightline - Demo Video

See how to combine multiple data sources into Siteline and use your favorite report creation tool to get the analytics the way you want.

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FAQ about Data Analytics

What is a data analytics platform?

A data analytics platform is a comprehensive system that integrates various data analytics tools to process, analyze, and visualize large datasets, enabling businesses to derive valuable insights.

How do data analytics tools differ from a data analytics platform?

Data analytics tools are individual software applications or programs used for specific analytical tasks, while a data analytics platform encompasses a broader range, offering a unified environment for various tools to work together seamlessly.

What is a data analytics solution?

A data analytics solution refers to a holistic approach, combining tools, processes, and strategies to address specific business challenges through data analysis.

Are there case studies available demonstrating data analytics solutions?

Yes, explore data analytics case studies with solutions to see practical examples of how businesses have successfully implemented data analytics to solve specific problems and achieve positive outcomes.

How does AI play a role in data analytics?

AI data analytics involves leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enhance data analysis processes, uncover patterns, and make predictions for more informed decision-making.

What is customer data analytics, and why is it important?

Customer data analytics involves analyzing customer-related data to gain insights into their behavior, preferences, and needs. It is crucial for businesses to personalize offerings and improve customer experiences.