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Connect people, processes and data to accelerate operational intelligence

Combine digital transformation and intelligent operations to generate insights faster to boost performance and scale faster for tomorrow.

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The time for operations intelligence is now 

Best-in-class organizations dive into their internals to understand information flow, identify bottlenecks, and boost efficiency. It's in these hidden processes that an organization's true potential is found. Intelligent Operations can transform operations into well-tuned processes that improve margins, reduce costs, accelerate growth, outperform competitors, and deliver on stakeholder goals.

Operations intelligence powered by the Put It Forward Intelligent Automation Platform allows organizations to generate an insights loop, giving decision-makers real-time insights and visibility into business operations findings.

These real-time insights allow decision-makers across the enterprise to act on the findings and immediately see the results of those actions. By monitoring business processes, operations intelligence helps companies identify inefficiencies or threats and make appropriate decisions to optimize business processes with 360 operations intelligence.

According to IDC, more than 70% of leading Chief Operating Officers (COOs) have planned for large investments in IoT in the next two to three years to transform their business models, processes, and products to respond to market demands and build intelligent connected.”

Unlock insights to fix hidden & inefficient processes and uncover new opportunities

Boost productivity, efficiency, and service levels! Broken business processes—marked by manual workarounds, downtime, and errors—are all too common. With the help of Put It Forward Intelligent Operations, any team can optimize information flows, address bottlenecks, and eliminate obstacles to progress.

  • Get rid of data silos with one platform
  • Gain real-time, actionable insights on diverse data sets
  • Create visually engaging reports and dashboards from machine and application data
  • Customer Revenue Strategy

    Streamline Quote to Order (Q2O)

    Quote-to-order (Q2O) is riddled with inefficient processes, resulting in errors, delays, penalties, increased costs, and a negative customer experience. Intelligent Automation streamlines the Q2O process by automating key processes to create a consistent, repeatable set of automated business processes using low-code tech. 

  • ITOPs Do More With Less

    IT operations are under constant pressure to deliver more with less. Businesses depend more than ever on IT as they turn to digital transformation to survive and compete. Automation of IT Operations - using an Intelligent Automation Platform helps any team increase efficiency within their IT departments by tackling routine and automating non-value tasks.

  • Customer Experience

    Improve Customer Experience

    Optimize your entire customer operations footprint using no-code tech to measure performance, identify opportunities, and deploy value-capturing change management, thus delivering critical operations insights and impact at scale. The Intelligent Automation Platform equipped with AI-driven tools helps to enhance CX at every point along the customer journey.

Grow operating margins with intelligence operations

Intelligent MarketingOps

Intelligent Efficiency Automation

How to realize the returns on efficiency with operational business intelligence to support your business growth. 

IDC Technology Spotlight

IDC Technology Spotlight

Connect insights with applications more quickly and realize value while improving inefficiencies.

Intelligent Decision Automation

Intelligent Decision Automation

Unlock value across the enterprise with one comprehensive, scalable platform.

Why invest in Intelligent Operations?

Businesses today are constantly challenged to do more to meet stakeholders' expectations. That's why forward-looking organizations use the Operational Intelligence platform powered by Put It Forward to connect people, processes, and data to achieve operational goals. 

Operations Intelligence allows organizations across various industries and market fields to monitor all key business activities in real-time, detect threats and inefficiencies, identify new business opportunities, and provide front-line teams and workers with insights to initiate the right action. Put It Forward Intelligent Automation Platform for operational intelligence utilizes an event-centric approach to data analysis, with a constant stream of new information that enables all stakeholders to be more efficient and make better decisions in real-time.

Risk Mitigation


faster process trunaround

Risk Mitigation


cost reduction

Integration Platform


 efficiency gain

“According to Gartner, Infrastructure-led disruption leads to business value, says Mark Cleary, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner. The days of risk-averse cultures are being swept away as I&O leaders recognize the value of speed and agility in managing new technology, new ways of working, and culture changes.”

FAQ about Intelligent Operations

What is Intelligent Operations?

Intelligent Operations connects people, processes, and data to unlock insights at scale to help organizations compete at new levels far superior to their competition.

How Intelligent Operations helps with cost optimization and revenue growth?

Businesses benefit from a balanced revenue growth and cost optimization approach, embedding the solution into their process structure. All this is driven by unified operations, leading to increased productivity, improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and new revenue growth models.

What are the key areas where Intelligent Operations bring success?

Intelligent Operations focuses on uncovering manual non-value processes and automating these processes to create a consistent, repeatable set of automated business processes – to fully: 

  • Reduce costs by up to 35% through reductions in quote and order errors.

  • Increase orders processed per employee by 15%.

  • Reduce order cycle time by up to 35%.

  • Reduce customer inquiries and collections by 20-25% initially, reaching 50% or more later.

  • Increase accuracy and completeness of order data by 45-50%, rising to 90% with maturity. 

  • Improve visibility of customer profiles, buying patterns, and promotional adoption.

  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

What’s the uniqueness of Put It Forward Intelligent Operations?

Put It Forward Intelligent Operations helps align every team and their tasks around the business goals. It connects the technologies across organizational silos, providing access to a single source of truth. Additionally, the platform surfaces real-time insights to help the organization continuously improve its processes.