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Intelligent Automation Glossary of Key Concepts

We intend to evolve this Intelligent Automation Glossary along with the market. Please submit an Intelligent Automation term here if you'd like to contribute and add an update to the glossary. 

In today’s business environment, intelligent automation (IA) is becoming a requirement for organizations intending to be successful in the market. Business leaders have little choice but to be familiar with the terminology related to IA.

This glossary — and the resources linked within it — will help you go from IA beginner to understanding the value vendors offer your company as you navigate your path to intelligent automation success.

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Intelligent automation automates non-routine processes and tasks that require some level of thought. Businesses that have embraced digital transformation initiatives that include intelligent automation enjoy increased efficiency, and accelerated time to market.

Customer demand better experiences from the brands they interact with. To improve your CX, you will need to build an effective strategy. Create long-term relationships with customers by addressing their specific needs throughout their purchase journey.

Knowing the customers’ intent gives marketing and sales teams power over their journey through the sales funnel and allows them to predict future behavior and create campaigns that will address different personas. Understand what your customers want.