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Eliminate complexity and improve processes prone to mistakes

Integrate identities and improve customer experiences by automating processes in an easily centralized environment.

Keep your enterprise data and resources secure

Enable Digital Transformation

Increase functionality and access to applications, data, and systems while protecting identities. Safely connect users, admins, and devices to cloud-based data to support business expansion and growth. Connect new, customer, or packaged solutions for scale.

Secure your Organization

Protect your data, systems, and team with identity access management tools. Automating data security management enables business expansion and execution without friction.

Unlock Operational Efficiencies

Unsure operational efficiency by centralizing customer identity management and adopting flexible identity management practices for different scenarios. Situations like M&A, new solution onboarding, or partner offerings require different approaches to process management permissions.

Manage the identity of customers, employees and partners in a centralized environment

  • Put It Forward Identity Management Control

    Manage identities across systems

    Manage all applications to centralized stores like ADS and OKTA. Enable SSO or Single Sign On across your multiple applications. RPA security management with integrated process controls that treat automation as privileged users.

  • Identity Management Event Control

    Centralized control of access to systems

    Create master identity profiles for simplified customer and user administration. Use the abstraction layer of Put It Forward to create a single point of integration contact. Automate application access decisions and onboard new applications and owners quickly.

  • Identity Management Developer

    Rule-based profile identity management

    Unify identities by leveraging pre-built integration connectors. Set business rules to unify or segment when a specific identity should be used. Simplify the enterprise identity management of complex environments with integrated DevOps security orchestration.

Identity management features

Put It Forward’s data automation platform integrates data services, development, and management tools, offering a “flip the switch” approach that allows managing business rules, properties, and schedules.

Cross Enterprise

An environment with pre-loaded connections to everything in the Put it Forward ecosystem.

Cloud Connector

Industry-leading connectors to accelerate integration with all of your assets.

Secure On-Premise

Secure and seamless integration with enterprise applications and systems.

Integrated Help

A user-friendly environment with integrated help, self-guiding integrations, and support.

Dynamic Routing

Use data rules for assigning a score or to route data based on profile.

In-flight Monitoring

Check fields, exception management and remediation on the fly.

Code-Free Designer

Responsive drag-and-drop builder to create integrations without coding.

Data Quality Services

Built-in data services or call out to third party for dynamic data management

What Is Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation automates non-routine processes and tasks that require some level of thought. Learn how event processing and data mining work together.

Leveraging API Integration

Digital transformation requires leveraging API integration in new ways. This how-to guide walks you through the different types of API integration.

Using a Customer Data Platform

When storing and seeing data is not enough. Understanding how to leverage a customer data platform is a key to competitive success for all enterprises.