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Webinars and Recordings

Watch webinars to help you and your teams scale good ideas with intelligent automation. 

Intelligent Automation

Unlock the potential of your business with new technology. Learn about the uniqueness of Put It Forward which combines all data solutions in one platform.

How Intelligent Automation Supercharges Growth

Insight-driven firms are 5X more likely to grow than those not using insights in the process. Constant adaptation and insights allow them to stay on top of changing customer needs and preferences.

How Organizations Break Through the Digital Transformation Roadblocks

Enable insights to predict what's coming next and deliver highly personalized insights to affect outcomes. Incorporate market and customer insights from partners and the ecosystem.

Intelligent Revenue Automation - Using Event Mining to Unlock Value

Constant adaptation and insights allow businesses to stay on top of changing customer needs and preferences. Insights-driven businesses unlock 20% YoY revenue growth ahead of immature competitors.

Revenue Growth

Scale your operations with automated business workflows and real-time data analysis. Understand your customers' intent, give them what they want, accelerate the sales cycle and close more deals.

How to Close a Revenue Gap and Grow Sales

Activity mining and process automation help close the revenue gap. Connect insights within your pipeline to actionable events that scale. Focus on the customers that are ready to partner with you.

Delphi for Marketing Revenue Generation

Discover how to maximize your already existing data, tools, and applications to better predict the results you want, and ultimately, deliver the material value to the business faster. See into data patterns and model the possible outcomes.

Intelligent Revenue Automation: AI-based Customer Experience

Organizations struggle to increase the ‘Betta revenue’ they typically have through predictable channels of movement and customer outreach. The thing is that 95% of customers fall out of the funnel or pipeline at some point. 

Customer Experience

Create personalized customer experience, engage new customers and retain existing ones. Build long-term relationships with your consumers and partners, and gain new opportunities.

Better Customer Experience With Intelligent Integration

Collect data about events while performing statistical analysis to identify patterns. Predict probabilities of outcomes within processes and lay the foundation for disintermediation.

Connectivity: Key for Better Customer Experience

Optimize processes and interactions across all touchpoints. Create a unified view of customer data to lower costs of acquisition. Drive your business with real-time context.

Data Integration

Check out the integration scenarios to understand how easily you can connect your data applications and systems, and create the integrated data view. Quickly access the data you need with no code efforts.

How To Leverage Modern Data Integration

Identify the most important factors in lead conversion. Improve sales and marketing alignment through a data-driven approach. Get rid of the guesswork with highly accurate lead-scoring models.

Analytics and AI

Watch how to analyze big volumes of data in a few minutes and define the customers who are ready to purchase. Save your time on doing manual analysis and predict the next action of your customer. Build an effective sales funnel and close more deals.

Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing: Minimize Risks through Data Signals

Embed predictive analytics in the applications and systems, monitor the condition and performance of equipment, and predict failures before they happen. Understand how downtime for a single machine can affect the chain.

How AI Unlocks Growth in 2022

Make connections across data, processes, and the environment. Identify opportunities and standardize responses. Guide process in real-time and at scale. Identify revenue gaps and take action to close them. Bring the right experience to the customer at the right time.

Hundreds of organizations have implemented Put It Forward's
intelligent automation successfully

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What benefits you get with Put It Forward solutions:

  • Automated end-to-end business workflows
  • Integrated data with no-code efforts
  • Secure data infrastructure with full control
  • Real-time customer intent insights
  • Predicted business outcomes
  • Prevented revenue losses
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Accelerated sales cycle