Connect, Create and Control
The fastest and largest network made up of systems, data and services. The global network of Put it Forward connects, manages and enables the control of all your platform data needs.
Put It Foward's® validated and managed technology partnerships ensure that you have the best in class solutions for your business. Including Oracle®, Workfront®, Salesforce®, Marketo®, Netsuite®, SAP®, Microsoft®, and many more.
Your Data, all the time
Set up is fast, simple and secure.
Configure Your Data
Improve efficiencies, reduce data errors and minimize IT costs while enabling the goal of having a fully integrated and synchronized information across business processes.

Stay Synchronized

Stay synchronized with other organizational units, legacy systems, other cloud offerings or on-premise applications.

Platform Management

Multi-frequency Integration

More End Points to Choose From

Modern Architecture

The Power Rule of Data Sharing
What does it mean to integration when the rate of data being shared is doubling?
As the rate of data sharing doubles the number of integration points double again.
Simply: to share one piece of information two points of integration is required.
Check the infosheets and see the demos
Use these pieces individually or in concert for a deeper experience.
Transform and Control How Things Work
Managing and connecting things shouldn't require an army of hard to find developers - if you Put it Forward - it doesn't.
Intelligent, Fast Data Management
PutItForward automatically discovers what data is available in the system to help you get started quickly. The application is completely cloud based. So there isnt any time delay in getting non-technical and technical users started.
Point, Click, Get Your Data
Point the prebuilt connectors from PutItForward or use your own connector to automatically integrate the source and destination.
Click on the data services or add any business rules, transformations to the integration.
Get the data flowing between the source and destination by selecting the integration interval and activating it.