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We Help You Scale Great Ideas

A Single Platform to:  Integrate systems. Automate work. Predict outcomes.

Trusted by customers worldwide

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Intelligent automation tool for every team

  • IT Process Automation


    Unlock digital capabilities at scale and increase data literacy and insight across the enterprise for better outcomes.

  • Intelligent Marketing Process


    Scale your marketing organization with intelligence and automation to digitally transform your revenue journey.

  • Sales Process Automation


    Leverage insights to enable a simpler and more efficient seller workflow that is digital-first & automated.

  • Finance Process Automation


    Transform to intelligent finance and begint o evaluate & execute opportunities that benefit customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the envirionment.

  • Operations Process Automation


    Increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce the workload.

  • Customer Success

    Provide the best customer experience and expand revenue flows.

Helping organizations drive productivity at scale

  • OpenTable

    "Customer 360 is a very simple challenge until you try to solve it.  Put It Forward was key in helping us bring it all together.”

    Lindsey Drake - Marketing Automation Specialist 

  • Sound United

    "Covid was a tough time for everyone - consumers shifted the way they did everything and we had to lead - the team at Put It Forward showed us the next level in the data driven story and delivered.”

    Heith Krueger - Special Projects Data 

  • Sitecore

    "Put It Forward takes us where no others could - we struggled for years with an enterprise data story - this solved it across the board”

    Udo Waibel - CTO

Risk Mitigation


hours of manual work saved

Risk Mitigation


active automations for business operations

Integration Platform


systems connected enabling digital transformation

Intelligent automation platform in action

Collect data across the organization, analyze it, identify patterns and signals, bring out the best-in-class insights, and share with your teams in real time. Get a handy dashboard with reliable insights to make strategic and operational decisions.

Numbers speak louder than words

Risk Mitigation


cost efficiency improvement

Revenue Generation


productivity increase

Integration Platform


saved man hours

IDC Intelligent Automation Put It Forward for Competitive Advantage

Intelligent automation tools focusing on real-time insights drives competitive advantage

“Put It Forward is 3+ years in advance of any other technology solution in the intelligent automation space. Put It Forward offers a comprehensive capability set needed for the modern digital enterprise to succeed”

 Maureen Fleming - IDC Program Vice President