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How Sound United brought together systems, IoT, process and customer experience into an end to end solution.

"Covid was a tough time for everyone - consumers shifted the way they did everything and we had to find a new way to lead, we're very grateful for the partnership with Put It Forward to take us to that next level.”

Scott Sinclair - CFO 

Sound United Put It Forward

Sound United is a global audio, video and sound experience marketplace leader.  Owning and operating such brands as Bowers and Wilkins, Denon, Definitive Audio, Marantz, Polk and others.

Serving a global market and operating across multiple regions, Sound United brings everything together through a data centric approach, delivering next level capabilities that set it apart.

Vista, California, United States

Direct to Consumer, Retail, CPG, Channel and Third Party

Results by the numbers

9 Systems

Cloud, custom, on-premise and devices integrated via no code solution.

3 Months

To implement and deploy multiple integartion, analytics and deploy predictive analytics capabilities into an operational model.


Automation of customer experience processes, engagement and device insights.

Processes Automated

  • Voice of the customer
  • Seamless customer 360
  • Direct to consumer marketplace experience

Integrations and Systems

Klaviyo Connector


  • Disconnected best of breed systems
  • Repetitive and time costly manual work
  • Costly system licenses
  • Cross channel insight

Like many organizations Sound United works with the best of breed solutions for their business.  Vendors like Oracle, Amazon, Klaviyo, Qualtrics and others.  

Building code and using legacy development platforms slow down delivery when every minute is needed to run the business.


  • Implement intelligent automation platform
  • Connect systems
  • Automate manual processes and accelerate customer experience processes
  • Deliver 360 customer view and personalization at scale
  • Integrate CLV analytics globally

Real time analytics and deep predictive insights into the customer start with having access to the data you need.

The Put It Forward components leveraged at Sound United are the:

  • Integration Designer
  • Process Manager
  • Data Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Predictive Algorithms


  • Consistent customer experience
  • Marketing messages and sales communication aligned
  • Customer engagement and revenue growth
  • Deep customer and business insights

Sound United had been working with Put It Forward for a number of years and when the change to deeper customer insights to run the business was needed.  They were able to leverage the integration and process automation layers and work with the data to help understand what the true value of their customers are.

This in turn helps provide a better customer experience and deliver superior performance to the organization and it's partners.

Our customers get more than what they pay for

Put It Forward not only offers the intelligent enterprise automation platform but also the resources, support and guidance today’s businesses require to succeed with automation.

Risk Mitigation

Unmatched support & service to ensure any issue you encounter is immediately addressed & problems are resolved ASAP.

Risk Mitigation

Industry best practices & operational guidance for your team to benefit from our learned experience working with 100s of leading businesses.