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Speed up lead generation. Bring more qualified leads

Generate the leads that are ready to purchase. Easily drive the conversion rate.

Find the best customer with automated lead generation

Accurate lead scoring

Qualify leads based on engagement and unique criteria. Benefit from automated scoring.

Personalized engagement

Address customers with personalized messages based on their preferences.

Accelerated sales

Grow your pipeline with customers of high intention to purchase. Sell faster.

By Forrester, companies that aligned people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams achieved 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability.

Streamline your lead lifecycle

With the help of Put It Forward Intelligent RevOps solution, customer-centric teams can connect systems, automate, and accelerate the lead lifecycle. So employees can take control of the sales funnel by accurately tracking leads from start to finish.

  • Marketing analysis and planning

    Analyze and plan

    List the outcomes you want to achieve and the KPIs you’ll use to measure progress.  Create the ideal customer profile.

  • Create message and promote

    Create message and promote

    Create a resonate content that will speak directly to your audience at each funnel stage. Set up campaigns with strategic landing pages and monitor them.

  • Score leads and convert

    Score leads and evaluate results

    Detect leads with the highest engagement and interaction across all your brand channels. Track KPIs of each stage.

More solutions to accelerate funnel and reduce acquisition costs

Unified Customer Profile

Connect many fragmented contact profiles into a single customer view. Create a unified view of your customer and see the whole engagement and purchase history.

Conversion Optimization

Analyze the audience and identify the segment needs to optimize your conversion. Increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

Lead Score Models

Use lead sore models to optimize the buyer journey. Automatically run engagement, sentiment, and intent analysis to define the next best action.

Why invest in lead generation strategy?

Customers expect personalized omnichannel experiences delivered in real time. With a successful lead gen strategy, customer-centric teams can streamline the lead life cycle by aligning sales and marketing, creating consistent communication, and improving customer experience.

Risk Mitigation

100% to 200%

increased MQLs 

Risk Mitigation

50% to 80%

increased pipeline

Integration Platform


reductions in acquisition costs