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No-code workflow orchestration for IT operations

Automate workflow and tasks of any complexity without writing code. Get rid of manual operations.

Solve process inefficiencies with data workflow orchestration

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Unleash your team to focus on their most valuable work, such as creative thinking, product crafting, customer service, and leadership.

Business Agility & Models

Business Agility & Models

Direct your attention to high-margin offerings, explore untouched market opportunities, and uncover new digital technologies.

Data Transparency

Data Transparency

Collecting customer data is easy; making sense of all available data is the next lever. The potential added value hidden in all the data pipelines is the Aha moment.

According to McKinsey, automation is growing - the findings suggest that more companies are pursuing automation now than two years ago. Two-thirds of respondents say their organizations are at least piloting the automation of business processes in one or more business units or functions, compared with 57% who said so in the previous survey.

Make data orchestration a strategic priority for all teams

Go beyond the standardized best-practice processes delivered by enterprise applications. Enable organizations to find new ways to organize data for faster data processing.

Maximize Human Potential with Intelligent Process Automation

Unlock cost savings

Automate tedious, repetitive, manual tasks across complex systems and applications.

Reducing the time to solution deployment is improved by taking a no-code approach to integration, orchestration and analytics.

With the Orchestration platform, IT teams can automate and trigger work tasks across the environment.

Create message and promote

Streamline finance processes

Often, the finance teams have to work above the systems in spreadsheets or manual processes to bridge disconnected systems.

Orchestrate core processes like order to cash, vendor payables and FP&A across systems.

Once automated, apply process mining to understand where blockers are and what value can be unlocked.

Score leads and convert

Automate supply chain processes

Process execution quality is often the difference between a successful well-run organization and one that struggles.

Connecting supply chain participants enables better planning for demand, supply and operational execution.

Automating enables better scale potential through core processes of invoice, quote, and purchase order execution.

Tools and insights to turbocharge workflow orchestration

Process Automation vs. Orchestration: the Difference

Learn the difference between the two—automation of repetitive manual steps within a process and process orchestration across multiple steps.

Process Orchestration ROI Calculator Tool

Try the Automation ROI Calculator to uncover more efficiency in your business. Reduce costs and discover new opportunities with data orchestration tools.

Orchestration - Beyond Simple Integration

What else can you do with orchestration that you can't do with simple integration? Learn about the criticality of process design and - how to be successful at it.

Why invest in the Orchestration tool?

Data orchestration makes jobs more human, empowering employees to manage data accurately through analytics, AI, and ML freeing up time for creativity and critical thinking.

Risk Mitigation

80% to 90%

executed automation across the enterprise 

Risk Mitigation

100% to 200%

effective interaction between employees and customers

Integration Platform


reductions in operational costs