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API integration

A process of connecting different software applications through an Application Programming Interface (API) allows for the exchange of data between apps, enabling them to share information and complete tasks. What is the meaning of API integration and how can it benefit organizations?

API integration - definition

What does API integration mean? It’s the process of connecting different applications and systems together, helping them to communicate with each other and share data. It enables an application to access the features and data of another application, allowing for greater functionality and increased efficiency.

Thanks to an appropriate API integration strategy, two or more applications can perform specific tasks and functions on behalf of each other which enables faster data flow, eliminates the need to develop custom software solutions, and reduces manual labor.

Additionally, APIs make it easier to integrate different applications, allowing customers to access features and information from multiple sources in one convenient location. 

API integration tools & services

Organizations wanting to integrate two or more software applications can benefit from API Integration tools, meaning specialized programs that allow users to easily set up and maintain API connections between applications, providing a seamless data exchange.

Moreover, to add new features to existing applications, companies can also rely on professional API integration strategies and services offered by third-party vendors, like Put It Forward, that provide users with a full suite of tools and support to leverage API integrations.

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