Marketing Automation Solutions To Personalize Customer Experience

Put It Forward marketing solutions help marketers understand better the customer behavior, and create personalized marketing campaigns. Getting real-time customer insights allows digital marketing managers to define the target audience faster, shorten the engagement cycle, and minimize the acquisition cost.

  • Automated marketing operations and accelerated lead generation cycle
  • Connected customer data, and quick access to integrated customer profile
  • Real-time actionable insights, and successful engagement strategies
  • Predicted customer journey, and fastly growing sales pipeline

Turning data into actionable insights
to drive lead generation

Digital marketers play a big role in bringing paying customers. They put a lot of effort into finding the right audience and engaging them with the right message at the right time.

However, the dynamic market and multiple players make it difficult to generate leads and convert them into paying customers continuously. Marketers face the challenges of choosing effective tactics, finding the right tool to engage the audience, decreasing acquisition cost and growing conversion rate

The Put It Forward team provides automated marketing solutions to help digital marketers facilitate their work, run marketing strategies using customer demand insights, drive lead generation and increase ROI.

Connected Customer Experience

Connecting marketing applications and systems into a single data view, automating repetitive engagement processes are must-haves for a seamless customer experience. These techniques help marketers to save tons of time accessing the data any moment, and focus more on building the best engagement scenario.

Lead Generation and Automated Retention

Automating the engagement campaigns and connecting the customer data helps to create the integrated customer profile. This makes it possible to track a whole customer journey with multiple touch points. Using real-time actionable insights, marketers can reach out to the most engaged customers, and define who is still interested in keeping the conversation.

Marketing Insights and Forecasted Engagement

Getting real-time insights of customer behavior, needs and preferences helps to segment the audience by their readiness to talk and purchase. Forecasting business outcomes of running personalized marketing campaigns on a specific segment allows to decrease acquisition cost and avoid risks.

Hundreds of organizations have implemented Put It Forward's
marketing automation solutions successfully

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Connected Customer

Integrated Customer Profile, Automated Marketing Workflows

  • Integrate data like customer web visits, shopping cart info, and traffic sources to campaigns and segments. Connected marketing helps to orchestrate key processes and operate at scale. Automate repetitive processes to manage all customer interactions and track the level of engagement. Quickly access the engagement history of each customer and build a personalized customer-centric marketing.

Lead Generation and
Automated Retention

Customer Journey Analysis, Effective Customer Segmentation

  • Easily understand how any customer interacts with the brand and product in each step. Identify the behavior patterns, preferences and needs to find out the best engagement scenario and scale business. Drive lead generation with effective customer engagement. Target and reach out to the audience that is ready to start the communication and purchase. Identify customers who are ready to renew the communication and connect them with the sales team.

Marketing Insights and
Forecasted Engagement

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy, Predicted Campaign Outcome

  • Make smart marketing decisions using real-time actionable insights. Predict the engagement outcome of any campaign before running it. Check out the business outcome, compare the results, and run the most successful campaigns. Manage the marketing ads budgeting effectively and reduce risks. Match the forecasted outcome with the acquisition cost and customer lifetime value, and choose the best approach.

How marketers benefit from marketing automation with Put It Forward:

  • Scaled operations and marketing automation processes
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Customer insights-based engagement
  • Defined marketing opportunities in real-time
  • Smarter marketing decision-making process
  • Customer retention automation
  • Marketing and sales alignment

"Companies that don’t put data at the center of their marketing and sales decisions
are missing out on a 15-20% increase in marketing ROI”


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Make your marketing strategy effective with Put It Forward solutions
and grow the pipeline with qualified leads

Build Data-Driven Personalized Marketing

Improve customer engagement and ultimately increase your ROI by connecting data, automating processes and getting real-time marketing insights.

Customer 360 View

Market to your customer more effectively across their journey

Cost Attribution

Budget more precisely with predictable cost attribution

Relevant Lead Scoring

Generate higher qualified leads with scoring that is real-time and relevant

Customer Expansion

Connect front-end to back-end and increase expansion opportunities

Cross - Channel

Bridge the unknown visitor to the known contact

Reporting Accuracy

Get higher level of reporting detail by connecting lead to close systems

Enterprise Integration

Align customer data across the enterprise and improve customer experience

Data Governance

Meet governance requirements with better control of customer data