Personalized Account Based Marketing Simplified

Create an account based marketing customer experience that delivers at scale while knowing what and when to do it.

“What you just did for our productivity and how we work was magic - you guys are rock stars, I’m truly blown away"

Uma Asthana  - Director of Operations and Technology

For us it was a no-brainer, how could we not have our team applications tied together via single sign on and centralized administration? Put It Forward solved this across our entire user base at huge scale”

Kristyn Cobstill - Project Lead

“For me when our internal teams tried to replicate the Put It Forward technology that was when the pin dropped … these are really smart people”

Sarika Saoji - Marketing Platform Technologist


Your Complete Solution For Account Based Marketing In A Single Platform

Put It Forward's ABM solution delivers your complete marketing strategy

Engage Cross Channel Accounts

Target and engage accounts real time across channels to deliver the most precise messaging in the decision making moment.

AI Powered Customer Journey

See deeply into the customer journey to reveal the right time to deliver personalized customer journey experiences.

Easy to Use and Scale

ABM solutions that work with your marketing strategy to help you scale B2B marketing automation without heavy training or expensive resources.

Certified No Code Data Connectors

Hundreds of Turn Key Connectors.  You need connectors from CRM to big data or first and third party data for account based marketing impact.

Put It Forward  ABM Segmentation

Easy Segmentation For ABM Scale

Central to your ABM marketing strategy is the need for scale without the heavy lifting of specialized resources or training.

  • Easily create segments with first party data, intent data, marketing automation, crm and other data sources
  • Quickly build segments with firmographic, demographic and technology considerations
  • Leverage the AI algorithms to identify lookalike accounts and companies
  • Segment based on buyer behavior and engagement
Put It Forward ABM Engagement

Connect Engagement With Intent

Understand the story of your buyer personas at a deep level to manage the sales cycle and deliver a personalized customer experience.

  • A 360 view of how your customers are engaging across all channels
  • Integrated website, CRM account and marketing automation 
  • Replace out moded lead scoring with true in the moment understanding
  • Trigger events based on engagement across your systems to improve the sales cycle
Put It Forward ABM Attribution

End to End Attribution

Account based marketing delivers high impact results that shows a direct link between activity, engagement and pipeline.

  • Track in the moment attribution between account activity, spend and engagement
  • Your marketing strategy can show real ROI that drives conversion rates
  • Quickly identify which campaigns are creating impact with powerful analytic tools

Some Put It Forward Account Based Marketing Solutions For You

Contact Based Prediction

Engaging with an individual is the next steps after the account.  The Put It Forward Delphi solution uses AI to predict contact level behavior for true personalization.

Identity Resolution

How to unify customers that are coming from all directions, devices and points of view into a single identifier so you can personalize engagement at scale.

Responsive Selling

The experience economy requires a software solution that leverages predictive data analytics.   Put It Forward Foresight delivers the true 360 to the seller.

Discover How Customers Have Achieved:

AI Driven Revenue Gains:

70-80% sustained gain in revenue

Development Cost Savings:

10-20X efficiency lift in delivery time

Program ROI:

> 80% achieved positive ROI within 3 months

Control Your Destiny - Why Partner With Put It Forward?

Account based marketing is no longerabout just targetting ads at an account or counting clicks as intent.

Validated for Super Scale

Battle tested Account Based Marketing - A cross channel marketing strategy delivery requires solutions and tools that scale across the enterprise down to the contact level.

Vendor Independent Roadmap

Vendor roadmap independence and enterprise reliability. You can change your applications and even systems at any time because the Put It Forward platform solution is independent of the applications and the code. 

Complete Data Service Platform

ABM, integration, process automation, governance and AI in one.  Put It Forward provides the tools to make the data journey happen from the cloud to the database.

Secure and Compliance Friendly

Data governance while being audit compliant. Unlike vendor or developer supplied code - Put It Forward provides for an end to end governance monitoring function.

Put It Forward - An Integrated Solution Suite

Modern tools that run alone or together to help you scale the data story

Put It Forward - Internal Data Graph Icon

Platform Manager

Automate and orchestrate the components of your platform from a single workspace.

Put It Forward - Internal Data Graph Icon

Integration Designer

Code-free design that delivers codeless integration, business rules and data transformations.

Put It Forward - Internal Data Graph Icon


Report at any moment in time what is happening with your data.

Put It Forward - Internal Data Graph Icon

Delphi - Predictive

Built-in predictive analytics and insights that you can control directly.

Put It Forward - Internal Data Graph Icon

Foresight - Insights

Embedded 360 degree insights of an account, contact or member.


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