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How To Close More Deals with 360-Degree Customer View

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Put It Forward's customer 360 analytics platform provides advanced analytics capabilities, enabling businesses to identify patterns in customer behavior and personalize their marketing strategies for maximum impact.

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In the age of digital transformation, businesses are striving for digital maturity by using tools and technologies that improve their customers’ experiences. With the right tools in place, understanding your customer's journey has never been easier — or more valuable. A 360-degree view of your customer is essential for long-term business success and growth. This data will help you better understand the people you serve, deliver improved customer experiences, and set you up for future success.

What Is a 360 Degree View of the Customer?

A 360-degree view of a customer starts with data collected from multiple data sources, including website visits, purchases, and engagement. All this data can be used to create an aggregated profile that gives businesses a comprehensive understanding of their customers' behavior – from first contact to purchase and beyond. This provides companies with invaluable insights into their customers' journey, empowering them to personalize customer experiences and increase customer loyalty.

Therefore, we can define a 360 degree customer view as an aggregation of all available customer event data. It is founded on the idea that companies obtain a more complete understanding of customers when they consolidate data from the various customer touchpoints throughout the customer journey. The 360-degree view of the customer gives a company an all-encompassing look at what their customers experience and feel throughout every stage of their journey.

The 360 view of customer data is steadily gaining traction even though only 5% of enterprises have figured out how to leverage a 360-degree customer view for growth. According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 45% of respondents said their organizations hope to achieve a unified customer view across all channels.

Challenges of Customer Data Analysis

The biggest challenge with customer data analysis is comprehensively understanding the customer's journey. This can be difficult due to the sheer volume of data that needs to be analyzed and understood - from website visits and purchases to interactions on social media or mobile devices. Additionally, it can often require manual integration of different types of data, which can be time-consuming and costly.

What's more, collecting and analyzing data manually is error-prone and leads to duplicate records. Finally, marketers and sales teams often find themselves lagging behind when it comes to receiving up-to-date insights, which can prevent them from reacting promptly to customer behavior. Businesses must analyze data from various sources to understand their customers more deeply. This often requires using data management, storage, and analytics tools, as well as machine learning (ML) and business intelligence (BI) platforms.

Benefits of 360-Degree Customer View

A 360 customer view is key for successful customer experience management. Some of the most notable benefits that companies can expect when leveraging a 360 degree view of customers include:

  • A complete and accurate picture of each customer, sales, marketing, and operational data.
  • Viewing a customer's interactions with your brand, both in the present and past.
  • Understanding your customers' behaviors and needs at certain moments in time.
  • Fast, automated customer insights that allow you to react quickly to changing customer trends and personalize your campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Unforgettable brand experiences that lead to repeat purchases and increased loyalty.

How to Build a Powerful Customer 360 View with Put It Forward

Put It Forward is a powerful 360 view customer platform that lets companies quickly and easily build a 360-degree view of their customers. Put It Forward automatically collects, cleanses, and stores customer data from multiple sources, including web analytics, CRM systems, marketing automation tools, and more. The data is then made available in real-time through an intuitive, customer 360 view dashboard, allowing marketers and sales teams to instantly view customer profiles and respond quickly to changing customer trends.

Put It Forward also provides advanced analytics capabilities, enabling businesses to identify patterns in customer behavior and personalize their marketing strategies for maximum impact. With Put It Forward's 360 degree customer view data models, companies can gain a deep understanding of their customers and deliver unforgettable experiences.

Here's a rundown of what you can achieve with Put It Forward's 360-degree view of your customers:

- Automatically collect and unify all customer data points

- Build the customer activity reporting with no code efforts

- Separate the real customer signals from all of the noise

- Access the valuable business insights in one dashboard

- Drive responses to various channels of communication in real-time

- Easily integrate with your organization's other BI, ML, and data management tools.

Use Case: Engage Customers in a Single Voice

The need: One of our clients was interested in improving their customers' digital journey by bridging the multiple points of engagement and creating a single customer view. They also wanted to know how to keep these customers loyal even when competitors were trying to poach them.

The solution: Put It Forward allowed for a unified customer 360 view architecture by combining multiple identifiers and integrating real-time visitor activity into the analytics platform. This created a single view of customers across multiple touchpoints, allowing the company to retarget with laser precision and engage with customers across multiple touchpoints.

The result: The solution helped the company enhance customer engagement by:

  • Building a unified view of the customer and their activity across platforms, from marketing to analytics
  • Having a complete 360-degree view of customers’ activity throughout the buyer journey.
  • Combining 3rd-party customer information with proprietary data to create effective 1-1 engagement

Key Takeaways

Customer 360 analytics enables businesses to understand customer engagement at every stage of the journey. By creating a single customer view, it provides cohesive customer engagement data for every stage of the customer journey, allowing companies to optimize their sales and engagement processes.

Sharing customer insights and data across an organization increases efficiency, removes friction, and results in a better understanding of customer trends. Put It Forward's 360 view solution collects and analyzes customer data and shares valuable, up-to-date insights. Try it in action to connect many disparate point solutions and reduce the considerable time and cost of the effort.

Elsa Petterson

Elsa Petterson
Partner success manager @ Put It Forward

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