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How PTC Gained 360 Views into their Customer Communities, Improved Brand Engagement and Increased Win Rates 

“We used Put It Forward Intelligent Automation Platform Data Integration component to create meaningful metrics by capturing core behavior and process it with their analytics engine.”

Tricia Johnson, Manager 

OpenTable Put It Forward

Digital technology is constantly transforming how businesses engage with their customers and employees. To navigate this ever-changing landscape, industrial companies need a technology partner to help them survive—and thrive—by rapidly accelerating digital transformation across their products, operations, and workforce. That’s where PTC shines.

Their unique portfolio of CAD, PLM, ALM, IoT, AR, and SLM technologies work together to establish a digital thread that spans the entire product lifecycle, enabling faster data continuity across business and better collaboration between your teams.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Results by the numbers

Real-time insights dashboard

SalesForce dashboard measuring campaign effectiveness based on developer engagement.

Increased revenue with customization

Designed nurture campaigns based on specific customer pain points discovered.

Form completeness' increased by 10%

Increased overall database health and allowed for better segmentation and pefrsonalization.

Integrations and Systems

Klaviyo Connector


  • Lack a centralized view of the customer communities
  • Disconnected, disparate systems
  • Leverage investments made in their their technology stack
  • Real time data processing

Engagement drives return in PTC’s customer channels. One particular channel they wanted to engage and measure was the developer communities.

They needed a way to determine what % of the developer base is active within their community regarding outbound promotions and events - using these metrics to track back to campaign effectiveness and $ won.

However, they had unstable vendor-supplied connectors and roadmaps that were preventing them in getting a true 360 view of the customer.


  • Implemented a centralized view
  • Connected disparate systems through no-code integration
  • Automated business rules and conditions
  • Real-time data mining and analysis

With Put It Forward, Intelligent Automation Platform data was synchronized and integrated data across Oracle Marketing Cloud and Salesforce to create a dashboard in Salesforce that cross-referenced campaign activity and developer engagement. 

Most importantly, the shared data completes the 360 views and provides the insight needed for segmentation and targeted messaging.

The Put It Forward components leveraged at PTC are;

  • Integration Designer - transformation logic
  • Process Manager - process management
  • Data Stage - data quality and performance
  • Delphi - predictive analytics


  • Real-time insights dashboard enabled next best action
  • Increased revenue with customization and no rip and replace
  • Increased engagement leading to 10% lift in form completeness'

PTC was able to leverage the end-to-end Intelligent Automation Platform of Put It Forward to increased revenue through targeted and personalized messaging that improved win rates.

Our customers get more than what they pay for

Put It Forward not only offers the intelligent enterprise automation platform but also the resources, support and guidance today’s businesses require to succeed with automation.

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Risk Mitigation

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