Workflow Orchestration
for Business
Process Automation

Quickly automate entire processes and control events across the whole business platform. Coordinate database management to drive alignment and automate processes across the organization.

  • Streamline and simplify complex processes and workflows
  • Automate repetitive and low-value tasks with no code efforts
  • Scale the execution of operations and reduce operational costs
Put It Forward Orchestration User

Key Orchestration and Automation Platform Features

Smart Change Management

Dynamically switch between endpoints and systems for change management

Parallel Execution

Manage Dev/QA/Test/Production variations simultaneously

In-flight Monitoring

Check fields, exception management, and remediation on the fly

Dynamic Routing

Use business rules for assigning and routing data based on profile criteria

No Code Configuration

A user environment that allows you to work directly with the systems and not code.

System Connectors

Hundreds of industry-leading connectors to accelerate integration with all of your data sources

In-flight Governance

Check fields, manage exceptions, and perform error repair on the fly or answer audit calls

Secure On-Premise Connection

Secure and seamless connectivity with on-premise enterprise applications and systems

Professionals get outstanding outcomes with Orchestration and Automation Platform


streamlined workflows and tasks


of man-hours saved


automating operations and processes

Business Process Management
and Platform Control

Put It Forward Orchestration software is central to the platform as an easy-to-use scalable secure automation solution

  • Simple and total control of your applications across the platform for both cloud and on-premise orchestration

  • Automating processes that interact with multiple enterprise applications across any number of business functions

  • Benefit from the embedded machine learning insights of performance

Put It Forward Platform Orchestration Manager

Scale with Successful Orchestration Platform
and Workflow Automation

Event Driven Processes

Control when and where data flows across departments for true enterprise orchestration and automation

Scalability + Change Management

Scale from the single transaction to millions for both event based integration and data migration scenarios.

Cloud to On-Premise Interaction

Connect, integrate and orchestrate your processes and applications from cloud to on-premise together.

Data Quality and Governance

Dynamic routing, error correction and notifications allows for users to be notified and make changes on demand.

Hundreds of worldwide organizations successfully use
Put It Forward Orchestration software

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How organization departments benefit from automated process orchestration


Maximize data pipeline performance by connecting and automating business processes. Bring intelligent automation to processes at scale through centralized design, execution, and control:

  • Automate repetitive and manual processes  with no code efforts
  • Data workflow orchestration over one operational platform
  • Scale your operations with orchestration tools and save costs
  • Simplify data workflow orchestration and improve efficiency with orchestration software.


Reduce the workload of any marketing department. Automatically manage all customer interactions and track the level of engagement with orchestration services:

  • Scale marketing engagement tasks and operations
  • Automating processes to engage and retain customers
  • Enhance customer experience with orchestration solution
  • Generate more leads into the sales funnel with data workflow orchestration.


Automate routine processes and engage with the audience ready to purchase with the orchestration platform. Segment the audience by their intent to purchase and focus on fast revenue generation:

  • Define customers interacting with your brand and product in each step with an orchestration solution
  • Quickly access the customer profile to offer the right solution and close deals faster
  • Automating processes to expand current opportunities, and make up-sells and cross-sells.


Automating accounting and finance standards helps organizations better manage their business, facilitating financial processes and eliminating friction points. Orchestration platform helps to speed up:

  • Invoicing, including automated reminders for customers
  • Accounts payable, such as paying invoices and handling approvals for expenses
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Employee expense reports with automated data processing
  • Expense management and payroll forms
  • Tax reporting and compliance with orchestration solution.

Human Resources

Process automation solution helps reduce the workload of an HR department while at the same time, improving its productivity and overall efficiency. Automated data processing of time-consuming tasks, helps HR managers focus on higher-value tasks:

  • Recruitment process and screening with orchestration and automation platform
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding with data workflow orchestration
  • The employee requests automated data processing
  • Company and employee records management.

Supply Chain

The supply chain automation solution from Put It Forward is designed for automating tasks such as processing orders, assigning picking slots, and paying out invoices.  Process automation can facilitate the supply chain work:

  • Optimize the movement of goods with orchestration software
  • Reduce operational costs and transit times
  • Automatically receive and confirm orders with an orchestration solution
  • Use the orchestration and automation platform to get better visibility of inventory and stock.

Check the top use cases of orchestration software

Improving lead management

Problem: Lack of central data management and automated data processing across critical channels limits effectiveness and sales interactions.

Solution: Consolidate customer data and process mapping to drive better decision-making, using analytics to help accelerate sales.

Result: Increased sales closure rate with the help of a dedicated lead management orchestration solution and customer relationship management platform integrated with email, voice, and customer contact computer systems.

Optimized customer relationship management

Problem: Disconnected actions and interactions due to customer data management issues, data silos, and broken workflows. 

Solution: Manage all customer-facing applications and digital processes to align with the customer journey and provide workflows with an orchestration platform.

Result: Embedded orchestration and automation platform. Enhanced customer experience through consistently contextual and relevant interactions and real-time signals of the customer journey.

Automated smart warehousing

Problem: No application-driven process automation integrated into physical automation.

Solution: Automated warehousing solution has to lower labor costs in the warehouse, reduce inventory levels, and make more accurate picking and stock.

Result: Seamlessly integrated process workflows and physical automation allow automated data processing and autonomous execution in the warehouse.

Get Control with Orchestration Platform

It's designed for the professional that needs to create solutions across the platform and can't wait on IT services to deliver the solution. Scale without code across business processes, human-centric workflows with data orchestration tool.

Data Orchestration Tool Resources For You

Unified Customer Profiles - Identity Resolution Made Simple

Many fragmented contact profiles and no single customer view - pull from all your environments to create a unified view of the customer with a data orchestration tool.

Process Automation vs. Orchestration: the Difference

Automate time-consuming tasks and make complex processes quicker and more predictable with data workflow orchestration. Become more competitive and shorten their time-to-market.

Process Orchestration ROI Calculator

Try the Automation ROI Calculator to explore how the Put It Forward solution can bring more efficiency to your business. Reduce costs, and discover new opportunities with data orchestration tools.

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Automate Your Processes - Why Choose Put It Forward?

Proven Scale

Battle tested data integration software that takes on all the use cases thrown at it from api integration to continuous integration.

Independent Roadmap

Vendor roadmap independence and enterprise reliability. You can change your applications and even systems at any time because the Put It Forward software solution is vendor independent.

Complete Data Platform

Integration, Automation, Governance and Predictive Insights in a single solution that you can use individually or together.

Secure and Compliance Ready

Data governance while being audit compliant. Unlike vendor or developer supplied code - Put It Forward provides for an end to end governance monitoring function.

Put It Forward - An Integrated Solution Suite

Modern data orchestration tool helps you scale the intelligent data story

Platform Manager

Automate and orchestrate the components of your platform from a single workspace.

Integration Designer

Code-free design that delivers codeless integration, business rules and data transformations.

Data Governance

Report at any moment in time what is happening with your data.

Delphi - Predictive

Built-in predictive analytics and insights that you can control directly.

Foresight - Insights

Embedded 360 degree insights of an account, contact or member.

Frequently Asked Questions about Orchestration Platform

What is orchestration software?

Data orchestration software is a type of software that helps to coordinate the movement of data between different systems. It can be used to automate the process of building alignment between various departments, connecting cloud and on-premise applications in the organization, as well as streamlining data flows with real-time data collection and analysis. 

Knowing the orchestration meaning in software, organizations can automate routine processes and repetitive tasks, and communicate with customers faster.

What is business process orchestration?

Business process orchestration is the process of designing, executing, and monitoring the execution of business processes. It involves the coordination of people, systems, and resources to achieve specific goals. 

Business process orchestration in the cloud can be used to achieve a variety of objectives, including improving process efficiency, reducing costs, improving quality, and increasing customer satisfaction.

What is the purpose of automation and orchestration?

Automation and orchestration help to manage and automate tasks that are repetitive, time-consuming, or difficult to perform manually. 

It can also help to improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy while reducing errors and costs.

What are the benefits of orchestration?

There are various cloud orchestration benefits that can be broadly classified into three main categories such as:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity - cloud orchestration can help to streamline and automate complex processes and workflows, improving efficiency and productivity. By automating repetitive and low-value tasks, orchestration can free up time for employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. In addition, orchestration can help to reduce errors and improve accuracy by ensuring that tasks are completed in the correct order and with the correct data.
  • Increased agility and flexibility - thanks to advanced software, organizations can be more agile and responsive to change. By automating processes and workflows, teams can quickly and easily adapt to changes in business requirements. In addition, orchestration can help organizations dynamically scale their operations up or down in response to changes in demand.
  • Improved quality and compliance  - this is one of the most important service orchestration benefits. It helps to improve the quality of outputs and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations. By automating processes and workflows, organizations can reduce the likelihood of human error and ensure that outputs are consistent and meet all relevant criteria.
How organizations scale business with the workflow orchestration platform?

An advanced workflow orchestration platform makes it easy to scale business processes across departments and units. It provides a centralized repository for workflows and processes, thus helping organizations track and monitor their performance. 

In addition, a workflow orchestration platform offers tools for automating non-routine tasks, processing high volumes of data in an efficient way, and decreasing operational costs.