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How PODs Executed a Platform Lift and Shift and Delivered Data Consistency Across the Operations for Business Continuity.

“Continuous operations is critical for the customer experience. We needed power tools that everybody could use across the organization to get us where we needed to go. Put It Forward goes way beyond - we have a data roadmap”.

Senior Vice President

PODs Put It Forward

PODS, known initially as Portable on Demand Storage, changed the moving and storage industry in 1998. They pioneered the concept of portable storage containers, allowing their customers to conveniently store and access their belongings right in their driveway. They also introduced the world to PODZILLA®, their revolutionary hydraulic system, which enables their certified drivers to maneuver containers on and off their trucks while keeping customers’ belongings level.

PODS was founded in Tampa Bay, Florida, and has since expanded to over 46 states. They are committed to providing their customers with the best possible moving and storage experience, and they are proud to be a leader in the industry with +25 years of experience, + 6 Million Moves, and over 50 awards in 2023.

Clearwater, Florida, United States

Results by the numbers

Complete data plan

All current and historical data captured and moved to new environment.

Global lift and shift to new platform

No data left behind, and simply moved to a new platform without interruption.

Continuous customer experience

Continuous integrated customer experience maintained and enhanced through the process.

Integrations and Systems

Netsuite Put It Forward
Marketo Put It Forward


  • Lack a centralized view of all systems and applications
  • Disconnected, disparate systems
  • Leverage investments made in their their technology stack
  • Real time data processing

Data migration is one of the most integral aspects of moving to a new operational platform.

PODS as a rapidly growing organization was challenged with a complete shift in between platform components - MAP, CRM, ERP.

The complexity was not just in the system and process migration but with ongoing continuous integration.

Using the Put It Forward tools we were able to generate an agile approach to the changing and not completely understood data needs of the projects. offerings often bridge multiple business units and systems.

We needed something that was going to be repeatable, be able to run at scale and deal with the complexities of data such as mixed hierarchies, governance and regulatory requirements.


  • Cost effective and scalable data tools to deliver quickly
  • Deep reporting and analysis on the data integrity
  • Record and field level inspection as needed

Put It Forward Intelligent Automation Platform gave PODs the ability to do effective big bang and trickle-oriented migrations successfully, plus continuous process integration for the customer experience.

The Put It Forward components leveraged at PODs are;

  • Integration Designer - transformation logic
  • Process Manager - process management
  • Data Services - Identity Resolution
  • Data Stage - data quality and performance


  • All current and historical data captured and moved to new environment
  • No data left behind and simply moved to new platform without interruption
  • Continuous integrated customer experience maintained and enhanced through the process

PODs was able to leverage the end-to-end Intelligent Automation Platform of Put It Forward to drive successful data migration and enhanced experiences.

Our customers get more than what they pay for

Put It Forward not only offers the intelligent enterprise automation platform but also the resources, support and guidance today’s businesses require to succeed with automation.

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Risk Mitigation

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