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What you should know before picking an integration partner

Discover the most important questions to ask when evaluating an integration solution.

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“What you just did for our productivity and how we work was magic - you guys are rock stars, I’m truly blown away"

Uma Asthana  - Director of Operations and Technology

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For us it was a no-brainer, how could we not have our team applications tied together via single sign on and centralized administration? Put It Forward solved this across our entire user base at huge scale”

Kristyn Cobstill - Project Lead

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“For me when our internal teams tried to replicate the Put It Forward technology that was when the pin dropped … these are really smart people”

Sarika Saoji - Marketing Platform Technologist

What you learn from this eBook

Integration is as much a process as it is a technology and what you don't know about the integration solution you are evaluating - could have far-reaching effects across the organization.  In this eBook, you will learn the top things to ask -  so you can make an informed decision.

Integration vs. Interfacing

What is the difference between moving data from one application to another vs. having true synchronization of that data at the right time and place across the organization?

Handling Security and Compliance

Security should be a key factor when considering the type of integration solution you choose - and how it will affect the rest of the organization.

Error Repair

How an integration solution repairs the errors is actually more important than just repairing them.  The key is how to account for them and make operational their management.

Integration Product Roadmap

Are you aware of the vendor's product roadmap and does it align with your own organizational goals?  Or will you be dependent on their next move?