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PlayBooks, Guidelines and Whitepapers

For the person who wants to go to the next level in understanding, planning and implementing an Intelligent Automation Platform.


Industry insights from analysts and partners on the path to success through data automation

IDC Technology Spotlight - Put It Forward

Get the Experts Opinion

Getting the most value out of your data is now more crucial than ever. Organizations should be able to connect insights with applications to more quickly realize the value of responding correctly to predictions and improving efficiencies.

Automation survey results and analysis

Power of Automation Study - Put It Forward

Get recent insights from the excutives' survey

Read the results of the executives' survey around the emerging automation needs and trends that are critical for business growth. Learn how cost-effective automation can facilitate workflows and provide better performance.

Native integration vs connectors vs build it yourself solutions.

The Truth About Native Integration

Can You Afford It?

Learn about the limitations and breakpoints of code-based integration and discover an alternative configuration-based approach to maximizing data control.

Digital transformation case study

Digital Transformation - Case Study

Digital transformation case study of business and IT challenges involving overcoming modern, customer-driven expectations while embracing the reality of legacy technology.

Process orchestration to event coordination

Orchestration - Beyond Simple Integration

What You Need to Know

What else can you do with orchestration that you can't with simple integration? Learn about the criticality of process design as part of the functioning whole and, most importantly - how to be successful at it.

Playbooks and Guidelines

buyer guide to intelligent automation

Buyer Guide

How to Begin

Navigate the landscape of intelligent automation with expert guidance in our buyer guide. Gain insights to make informed decisions for your automation journey.

Playbook for Revenue, Operations and IT teams

The Intelligent Decision Automation Playbook

End to end revenue automation

Optimizing revenue at every point is a critical path strategy for every organization. This playbook walks you through how revenue, operations and IT can unlock value across the enterprise with the same platform.

Playbook for Intelligent Operations

The Intelligent Operations Playbook

Transform your business and tech operations to get more value

Establish end-to-end visibility across operations and receive trusted insights that drive strategically important decisionsLearn how to achieve operational excellence and data transparency.

Playbook for Intelligent Finance Automation

The Intelligent Finance Automation Playbook

Manage your revenue flows and detect the growth points

Transform the finance function with intelligence and automation to create an insights value-chain for entire organization. Learn how to improve performance through automation, and to unlock the full opportunity.

Playbook for Intelligent Customer Success Operations

The Intelligent Customer Success Playbook

Retain your customers and bring extra revenue

Deliver insight, coaching and expertise to help your customers succeed. Learn how to automate and generate deep insight to every action to run a more effective and efficient customer success program.

Playbook for Intelligent Sales Operations

The Intelligent Sales Operations Playbook

Grow your pipeline with high-quality prospects

Grow your sales volume with intelligence and automation to digitally transform your selling motion. Learn how to build an efficient seller workflow, and measure the customer interaction in each step.

Playbook for Intelligent Marketing Operations

The Intelligent Marketing Operations Playbook

Generate high-quality leads

Scale your marketing processes with intelligence and automation to digitally transform your revenue journey. Build and deliver the right content for personalized customer journeys.

Playbook for Intelligent Efficiency Automation

The Intelligent Efficiency Automation Playbook

Complete intelligent automation playbook

How to realize the returns on efficiency with intelligence and automation to support your business growth. Learn about challenges on the automation path and optimal solutions for them. 

Put It Forward Integration Guidebook

Integration Guidebook

Critical Path Guideline

What is the breadth of information you should know before starting an Integration project? If you are not sure about all the questions to ask then check out our comprehensive guidebook on successful data integration.  Discover the best practices for successful integration projects.

Intelligent Automation Guidebook

Intelligent Automation Guidebook

How to remove all silos with end-to-end automation

In a typical organization, insights, automation, and systems are viewed as separate entities - living in operational silos from one another. All silos can be solved with a single automation solution. In this guidebook, you will learn how to manage and understand your data and act on these insights.

Integration Best Practices

Best Practices of Integration

What to Know Before You Begin

Before you start your integration project and decide on an integration tool - take a look at the success factors needed. In this eBook you will learn the questions to ask and the specific features needed for a fast and effective integration solution.

Integration project planning guidebook

Next Steps to Integration

How to Begin

Many people know they need to start integrating their data but are unsure where and how to start. Download this eBook and gain insight into the three critical requirements that will make your project run more efficiently.

Stages of Integration Maturity Benchmark

Stages of Integration Maturity

Where are You?

You may not know about the Integration Maturity Model but are probably very familiar with the challenges of data integration - or rather - the lack of it. In this eBook, you will learn the tools for optimizing your data for better collaboration, analytics and governance across the enterprise.