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How Walker Enabled A Centralized 360 view of Operational and Customer Experience Data Across Platforms 

"In our environment getting the data story right for the customer is incredibly important to our partnership with Qualtrics. Flexibility and scale is critical. Having an integration partner like Put It Forward allows us to connect Qualtrics into anything with ease at scale”

Chief Information Officer 

OpenTable Put It Forward

Walker helps clients collect and act on feedback to craft amazing experiences that their customers, employees and others deserve. Walker is a leading Experience Management (XM) services firm focused on implementing innovative Qualtrics technology solutions, providing end-to-end managed services and delivering strategic consulting engagements to some of the world’s leading brands.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Results by the numbers

Real-time integration

Integrated operationaland customer experience data into hundreds of applications enabling end-to-end experiences.

Centralized data views flowing into Qualtrics

True centralized 360 view of operational and customer experience data across platforms for improved analysis.

Faster deployments

No code integration configuration for reduced costs and faster delivery.

Integrations and Systems

Klaviyo Connector


  • Lack a centralized view of the customer
  • Disconnected best of breed systems
  • Leverage investments made in their their technology stack
  • Complex multi-organization relationship
  • Real time data processing

Experience defines the essence of what Walker delivers with Qualtrics. Working in verticals, industries and businesses across every discipline means we have to deliver offerings across many platforms. These offerings often bridge multiple teams and systems.

Our need was to create meaningful connections that bridge many organizations and systems as well as have an integrated view into the experience data.


  • Implement centralized view
  • Connected disparate systems through no-code integration
  • Automated business rules and conditions
  • Process orchestration (when and where events triggers)

Put It Forward allowed us to create that integrated view quickly and across very diverse set of scenarios. This was accomplished for us with a strong, capable application to create that single view of experience by orchestrating that connected view.

Importantly we could leverage current technology investments into this new world of enterprise experience data. The team collaborated every step of the way to make us the experts.

The Put It Forward components leveraged at Walker are;

  • Integration Designer - transformation logic
  • Process Manager - process management
  • Data Services - Identity Resolution
  • Data Stage - data quality and performance


  • Increased efficiency and more deployment options
  • Real-Time insights and data connections
  • True 360 enterprise view of experience

Walker was able to leverage the end-to-end Intelligent Automation Platform of Put It Forward to achieve increased efficiency and more deployment options, real-time insights and data connections and true 360 enterprise view of experience.

Our customers get more than what they pay for

Put It Forward not only offers the intelligent enterprise automation platform but also the resources, support and guidance today’s businesses require to succeed with automation.

Risk Mitigation

Unmatched support & service to ensure any issue you encounter is immediately addressed & problems are resolved ASAP.

Risk Mitigation

Industry best practices & operational guidance for your team to benefit from our learned experience working with 100s of leading businesses.