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Complete more projects on time and on budget

Connecting the data to the process

Work Management is something that touches all areas of the business and the customer lifecycle, but what are the data challenges to creating successful collaboration across the organization?  And, how can we help you create that type of collaboration without compromise?

Marketing Attribution

Are you able to review and approve deliverables with discreet users and systems but have one view into the process? Including cost attribution to your campaigns?

Activity Management

How do you manage the use of resources against contracted project requests to ensure consistent quality and accurate use of those resources?

Service Process Orchestration

Are you able to have automated and consistent service delivery experience or is everything a one-off project?

"Just 42% of organizations report having alignment of projects to organizational strategy, contributing to 44% of strategic initiatives reported as unsuccessful"


Do More

Successfully collaborate across the enterprise by connecting data, systems and people across your enterprise.

Project Creation

Auto create projects based on service requests

Activity/Task Sync

Keep support cases and events synchronized between projects and service

Review & Approve

Share deliverables but review and approve in discreet systems

Cost Attribution

Understand full project costs to drive reduced costs and better campaign management

Cross - Channel

Connect front-end to back-end to deliver higher quality of customer service

Activity Reporting

Improve service delivery with shared activity performance reporting 

Project Level Sync

Improve collaboration with shared project level views

Project Control

Manage projects better with centralized control

Marketing Attribution

Connecting Work Management and Marketing

Review and approve marketing deliverables through an automated process in discreet systems. Run more cost-effective campaigns by being able to attribute value and cost associated with specific activities like media spend or agency resources.

Activity Management

Connecting Work Management and Development

Automate project creation and assign tasks and issues between Work Management and Development systems seamlessly. Identify better how to manage projects with shared activity performance.  Budget resources more effectively by determining rate cards and burn down measurements ahead of time.

Process Orchestration

Connecting Work Mangement to Service Delivery

Avoid project restarts or losing customer interaction by managing the activities effectively across the organization and provide the right resources at the right time.

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