Finance Connected

Have more predicatable forecasting

Connecting the data to the process

Financial Management is all about accurate planning and risk management.  So, what are the data challenges that get in the way of doing that successfully and how can we help you with better financial forecasting and control to achieve your goal?

Financial Governance

Are you able to understand the true cost of project execution and billable resources reflected in the financials against contracts. Can you apply financial controls to projects?

Activity Management

How do you track your use of resources against contracted deliverables and pre-defined rates so that there isn’t over or under-billing?

Performance Management

Can you get a true picture of the financial performance of your organization against what it’s made to deliver?

“61% of ERP implementations take longer than expected and 74.1% of ERP projects exceed budget.”


Do More With The Complete Financial Picture

More accurately forecast and manage risks by connecting data, systems and people across your enterprise.

Finance Reporting

Link activity and project cost across the orgranization

Activity/Task Sync

Keep support cases and events synchronized between projects and service

Predictable Rate Cards

Ability to set rates based on predictable costs

Cost Attribution

Determine effective support behaviors to drive reduced costs

Cross - Channel

Connect front-end to back-end to deliver higher quality of customer service and reduce costs

Activity Costing

Allocate resources more accurately by getting a view into aggregate issues or incidents

Project Level Sync

Improve collaboration with shared project level views

Project Control

Manage projects better with centralized control

Financial Governance

Connecting Work Management and ERP

Having complete and accurate records is essential for any part of the business but especially for financial management in the areas of planning and risk management.  Create visibility into the execution side of the business so resources can be appropriately utilized; providing a comprehensive financial governance understanding of the organization.

Activity Management

Connecting Work Management and ERP

Lower costs to the business by keeping the activity "in process" preventing not only a break in the specific process but avoiding the usage of other organizational resources.

Performance Management

Connecting Work Management and ERP

Processes are supported by other parts of the business - if there is a break in that information flow they are likely to miss a delivery or fail which has a multiplying effect across the rest of the project and organization.  Measuring performance as it goes through the process with the ability to change real-time is critical to overall organizational success.

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