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Unleash a digital-first predictable revenue intelligence process

Revenue intelligence for marketing, sales, and customer success with an all in one 360 customer lifecycle revenue automation solution.

Go from tactical revenue operations to a strategic funnel

The Put It Forward Revenue intelligence platform helps you automate and predict revenue flows. Empower your teams to access a single source of truth and work efficiently on your business goals.

  • Design end-to-end processes that support the entire customer life cycle.
  • Build and deliver seamless workflows across go-to-market systems, data, and functions.
  • Provide 360 visibility into execution and outcomes across the entire revenue process.
Customer Revenue Strategy

Bridge strategy and execution

Connect the dots between strategy and execution by orchestrating actionable steps. Meet revenue objectives that drive growth, profitability, and predictability.

Accelerated Revenue Flow

Provide consistent engagement experience

Streamline processes and optimize technologies across marketing, sales, and customer success. Increase productivity and support experiences across every customer touchpoint.

Customer Experience

Remove data and process silos

Break down silos of data and insights across the business to reveal early warning indicators for actions. Ensure consistency in all customer acquisition, growth, and retention interactions.

How it works: Mostly 2 minute tours

Optimize the search for revenue and identify those most likely to buy.

Identify where choke points and inefficiencies hide in plain sight with see-through process mining.

Improve decision quality and outcomes with a combined approach that optimizes across best-of-breed solutions.

Accelerate your revenue cycle with revenue intelligence platform

Revenue intelligence is a method for better aligning enterprises based on strategy, process, workflow, data, analysis, and technology. Revenue intelligence tools solve the challenge most enterprises struggle with—the unification of strategy, process workflow, data analysis, and technology stack across sales, marketing, and customer success. Enterprises need help defining and enforcing processes that support the entire customer lifecycle. The revenue intelligence platform offers a proven, pragmatic approach.

By Forrester, companies that aligned people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams achieved 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability.”

Who has succeeded with Put It Forward
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Why invest in Revenue Intelligence?

Traditional RevOps is not enough to reverse many trends, like the accelerated growth of acquisition costs, sales velocity, and data friction. To stay competitive and achieve predictable revenue growth, businesses must create a consistent RevOps strategy. 

Investing in Revenue Intelligence means aligning every team and their tasks around the business goals and outcomes. This deep centralization creates a rich buying experience that drives sustainable revenue growth.

Increase digital marketing ROI

36% Topline Growth

Increase in revenue growth when organizations are aligned across marketing and sales.

Increase in customer satisfaction

20% Capacity Boost

Increase in sales and revenue productivity with significant improvements in revenue operations.

Reduction in GTM costs

3 Month ROI

Is the typical amount of time taken for a positive ROI.

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“According to Boston Consulting Group, B2B companies investing in RevOps have experienced 10-20% increases in sales productivity in the last few years”.

FAQ about Revenue Intelligence Solutions

What is Revenue Intelligence

Revenue intelligence is the operational and functional consolidation of marketing, sales, and customer success. It helps to discover continuous customer engagement and new buyer experiences and determine the success of a company’s revenue lifecycle.

How Revenue Intelligence Software help businesses to support revenue growth?

Businesses benefit from accelerated revenue growth by embedding the software into their process structure. All this is driven by unified revenue operations, increased productivity, accurate financial planning, and high visibility into customer data.

What are the key areas where Revenue Intelligence System bring success?

Automation brings success to the company’s revenue cycle via a tight alignment with goals, technology, and strategy. Transition to predicted growth that unlocks new business opportunities.

What’s the uniqueness of Put It Forward Revenue Intelligence Software?

Put It Forward Revenue Intelligence Software helps align every team and their tasks around the business goals. It connects the technologies across organizational silos, providing access to a single source of truth. The technology uniqueness is the forecast of the revenue cycle with high accuracy.

What are the key metrics to measure Revenue intelligence success?

To measure the health of their revenue model, business leaders need to focus on these critical metrics - the cost of customer acquisition, sales cycle time, customer lifetime value, win rate, churn rate, renewal rate, and forecast accuracy.