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Realize business outcomes faster with IT transformation to unlock more value

Intelligent IT Transformation revolutionizes organization by optimizing customer experiences through to back-office processes with cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies.

A Powerful, Scalable Automation Solution to Accelerate IT transformation

Put It Forward's Intelligent Automation Platform accelerates enterprise IT transformation strategy through:

• Seamless data integration and process automation
• Predictive insights and low-code solutions
• Scalable infrastructure designed for simple to complex processes

Connected Systems

Enable Greater Connectivity

Connect the dots between strategy and execution by orchestrating actionable steps.

Increased Sales Productivity

Optimize Revenue Processes

Bring data together, analyze it, and apply insights to improve customer experiences and decision-making processes.

High Impact Personalization

Cross Team Collaboration

Align resources, people, processes, and technologies that drive the enterprise digitally, and forward.

How it works: Mostly 2 minute tours

Transform localized process automation, tasks and integrations with end-to-end orchestration.

Identify where choke points and inefficiencies hide in plain sight with see-through process mining.

Improve decision quality and outcomes with a combined approach that optimizes across best-of-breed solutions.

Enterprise IT Transformation Through Intelligent Automation 

According to Mckinsey, companies need to use digital tech to achieve strategic differentiation on customer engagement and innovation, build proprietary assets, such as software, data, and AI, and combine them with a scalable, cloud-based architecture to create a strategic advantage and focus the quest for digital talent on C-suite and other executives, given the talent integration challenges that many companies continue to face.

Who Succeeds With Put It Forward
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Why Invest in Intelligent IT Transformation?

Buyers are changing, requiring new buyer experiences that are hyper-personalized, automated, and digitally-first. The exponential growth of data, siloed data, and disparate systems require new business and tech transformation types. Teams are asking IT to research and recommend solutions to help them take charge with no-code solutions, win on insights and deliver more value.

Put It Forward Intelligent Automation Platform helps IT leaders deliver on their strategic objectives and answer the demands of their functional peers. It confidently drives strategic initiatives forward.

Risk Mitigation

25% Efficiency Gain

The average amount of gain in process efficiency with end-to-end processes.

Risk Mitigation

30% Cost Reduction

Amount of cost reduction through elimination of duplicate software and technology.

Integration Platform

3 Month ROI

Is the typical amount of time taken for a positive ROI.

More Intelligent IT Transformation Resources:

Cross Platform Orchestration and Process Automation

Cross Platform Orchestration

See where to apply the different types of automation as they are integrated into different processes and KPI's for operational management.

Process Automation vs Orchestration

Process Automation vs. Orchestration

Automation and orchestration are both approaches to resource optimization and workload management.  One works locally, and the other across processes.

Selecting an Intelligent Automation Platform

Selecting an Automation Platform

There are many approaches, technologies, and solutions that can come together for intelligent automation to deliver on it's potential.

FAQ about Intelligent IT Transformation

What is Intelligent IT Transformation?

Intelligent IT Transformation focuses on leveraging digital technologies to fundamentally change how a business operates and delivers value to its customers. By embracing IT transformation, companies can streamline operations, improve customer experience, and create new revenue streams. 

What are the benefits of IT Transformation?

IT Transformation helps companies operate at scale and provides the following benefits:

  • Clear the path for new growth models

  • Optimize and reduce cost to serve models

  • Unify revenue and marketing operations.

  • Deliver more accurate financial planning. 

  • Centralize and improve visibility into customer data.

  • Provide omnichannel customer experience.

  • Increase productivity and improve operational efficiency.

What's the uniqueness of Intelligent IT Transformation?

Intelligent IT Transformation is a long-term, strategic initiative that involves fundamental changes to a company's operations. Here are the unique features:

  • It focused on transforming the entire business, from customer experience to back-office processes.

  • It aims to create a more customer-centric, efficient, and competitive organization.

  • Involves the use of integrating and optimizing a variety of technologies, such as AI, big data analytics, cloud computing, and mobile devices