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Complete Sitecore CMS Integration
for Cloud and On-Premise XM

  • Ready to use no-code integration connectors for Sitecore Experience Manager™  (XM)  that deliver personalized omnichannel experiences at scale.
  • Prebuilt connectors into hundreds of systems for personalized web experience
  • Cloud native integration for data and content
  • End to end process automation with business rules and triggers

Easy to Use No Code Sitecore XM Integration

The Sitecore XM Cloud by Put It Forward puts you in control.

  • Single point for content and data integration as part of your customer web experiences

  • No code Integration Designer built for the architect, IT or business professional who wants to be competitive. 

  • Connect Sitecore content management system for traffic improve and optimize

Sitecore CMS
Sitecore CMS Integration

Sitecore XM Process Automation

Sitecore experience manage integration game to the next level with deep process automation.

  • Automate manual steps with logic trigger for your Content Hub and data within a process

  • Connect Sitecore into related processes like "review and approve" and project management systems

  • No code process automtion improves efficiencies and minimize IT costs
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While integrating Sitecore XM you'll need to know that it can be used by real people. This is software designed for the professional to unlock value and can't wait for someone to write code with legacy tools.

Key Sitecore Integration Solution Features

No Code Configuration

A no code environment that allows you to work efficiently and scale through configuration techniques

Certified Connectors

Hundreds of supported industry leading pre built connectors to accelerate delivery with all of your solutions

Easy Transformations

Use expressions to transform from any source so it becomes compatible with and acceptable to the destination system

On Call Info Services

Built in dynamic stages for loading, preparing and pre-processing or third party enrichment completeness checks

Auto Field Mapping

Intelligence auto mapping to speed the process and connect all of your fields together

Dynamic Prediction Modelling

Use different inputs into the prediction model to understand possible outcomes before committing

In-flight Governance

Check fields, manage exceptions and perform error repair on the fly or answer audit calls

Secure On-Premise Connection

Secure and seamless connectivity with on-premise enterprise applications and systems

What's in the Box for Sitecore CMS Integration

Certified Integration

Hundreds of Pre Built Connectors made for Sitecore CMS from CRM to DAM's which replace legacy middleware or ETL.

Process Triggers

Link cloud and on-premise events together like content or asset repository updates, review and approve milestones.

Automate Business Rules

Enable consistent experiences through cross organization content syndication and distribution.

Omni-channel Experiences

Omni-channel operations including consistent use of the same content, data and assets

How The Sitecore Integration Platform from PIF Works

Bi-directional business processes create and update: content, customer data and digital assets to Sitecore XM 

How the Sitecore Integration Process Works

Baseline Connector Capabilities for Sitecore CMS

  • Automatic data and content updates synchronization
  • Codeless configuration bi-directional Sitecore integration
  • Rules based framework and data governance
  • Performance monitoring and exception management
  • Alerting and performance analytics
  • Multi-mode deployment options for cloud, hosted and on-premise
  • Sitecore XM 1.0.222 or newer support
  • Version management - current and two connector versions back
  • Marketing automation, DAM and enterprise connectors
  • Content management support
  • Business intelligence and big data support
  • Standard and custom Sitecore api supported

Sitecore CMS Architecture and Deployment Integration

Sitecore CMS Integration Architecture

Some Put It Forward Sitecore Integration Solution Resources For You

How to Deliver Sitecore Integration

Step by step walk through of how to deliver Sitecore integration.  See the steps needed to connect, extend and configure business scenarios and more.

7 Benefits of Data Automation

The top 7 reasons and benefits that you'll get from using a modern no code integration solution.  Learn the benefits that organizations reap when modernizing with Put It Forward.

Sitecore Data Intelligence Podcast

Organizations and enterprises today are presented with enormous opportunities. However, they’re also presented with many questions on how to leverage their assets.

Sitecore Integration Platform Infosheets

These are only some of the Sitecore specific resources. Contact us or Sitecore to find out more.

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FAQs on Sitecore CMS integration

Who can benefit from using Put It Forward's Sitecore CMS Integration?

Marketing teams, IT departments, content managers, and business analysts can all benefit from using Put It Forward's integration solution. It simplifies the process of connecting Sitecore CMS with other tools and systems, improving efficiency and data accuracy.

What applications can Sitecore CMS be integrated with using Put It Forward?

Sitecore CMS can be integrated with CRM systems (like Salesforce), marketing automation platforms (like Marketo and HubSpot), e-commerce solutions (like Shopify and Magento), analytics tools (like Google Analytics), process management and governance solutions (like Workfront and Asana), and various other enterprise applications.

Does the integration support both on-premise (XM) and cloud-based (XM Cloud) applications?

Yes, Put It Forward's integration solution supports both Sitecore XM on-premise and XM Cloud cloud-based applications, providing flexibility regardless of your infrastructure setup.

What does "no-code integration" mean in the context of Put It Forward's solution?

No-code integration means that users can set up and manage integrations between headless code-based Sitecore CMS and other applications without writing any code. The solution provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, making it accessible to users without technical expertise.

Does Put It Forward enable Conversational AI or Generative AI with Sitecore XM Cloud?

Yes, Put It Forward’s native Generative AI capabilities are extended to Sitecore XM Cloud.  This means that content can be created using Generative AI from source assets in Sitecore or be added to the CMS repository from content generation process flows within Put It Forward.

How easy is it to set up a Sitecore XM CMS integration using Put It Forward?

Setting up an integration is straightforward with Put It Forward's intuitive interface. Users can configure integrations by selecting data sources, mapping fields, and setting rules, all through a visual interface.

What are some key features of Put It Forward's Sitecore XM CMS Integration?

Key features include real-time content synchronization, automated workflows such as review and approval, format transformation and mapping, error handling, and monitoring dashboards. These features ensure robust and reliable integrations.

Can I customize the integration workflows to meet specific business needs?

Yes, the integration workflows are highly customizable. Users can define specific rules, conditions, and data transformations to tailor the integration to their unique business requirements.

How does Put It Forward ensure the security of data during integration?

Put It Forward employs industry-standard security measures, including data encryption, secure APIs, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA to protect your data during integration.

What kind of support is available for Put It Forward's Sitecore XM CMS Integration solution?

Put It Forward offers comprehensive support, including documentation, tutorials, and customer support services to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter.

Are there any training resources available for new users?

Yes, Put It Forward provides training resources such as training sessions and detailed guides to help new users get up to speed with the integration solution.

What is the licensing model of Put It Forward Sitecore XM CMS integration?

The licensing model of Put It Forward Sitecore CMS integration is based on a single instance of use, meaning you can connect Sitecore to another system and use it as much as you want.  There are no limits on the number of processes, documents or business rules that you can work with.

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