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Powerful Sitecore Integration Customer Experiences Made Easy

Built for Sitecore turn-key no-code integration connectors for end-to-end omnichannel experiences.

Available directly from Sitecore and offered by Put It Forward

Easily Create Deep No Code
Sitecore Integrations

Put It Forward Integration Designer for Sitecore is central to the platform as an easy to use scalable secure solution.

  • No code Integration Designer built for the architect, IT or professional that is looking for the edge
  • 100's of pre built connectors and auto builders to help you go faster connecting Sitecore across the enterprise

  • Single point for centralized field mapping, transformation logic and business rules
integration designer

Key integration features for Sitecore certified partners

No code automated data integration for Sitecore

AI Powered Data Mapping

Take the complexity out of integrating Sitecore into enterprise systems with powerful easy to use tools.

  • Leverage embedded AI capabilities the bring the best practices to connecting Sitecore at the push of a button.
  • Quickly connect to enterprise systems of record such as CRM, ERP and ITSM for complete end to end process control.
  • Connect your standard and custom fields so that everything stays in sync.

Integration Frequency Management

Adjust process speed by the nature of what needs to be done.

  • Order processing - real time!
  • Inventory updates - real time!
  • Catalogue updates - once a day

The choice is yours.

Sitecore Real Time Integration

No Code Configuration

A no code environment that allows you to work efficiently and scale through configuration getting the most from your Sitecore apps.

Seamless Integration

Have customers, content and engagement experiences seamlessly connected so everyone works together.

Data and Content Sync

Keep everyone on the same page (literally) by ensuring that most current data and assets are in each system.

Business Rules and Triggers

Use business rules and triggers to determine when events happen such as creating a new customer, updating a piece of content or sending an email.

Certified Connectors

Hundreds of supported industry leading pre built connectors to accelerate delivery with all of your solutions.

Integrated AI

Integrated AI and machine learning that lets you do things like identity the most valuable customers and deliver personalized experiences.

Omnichannel and Customer 360

Integrated reporting and analytics with data warehouse connectors enabling true omnichannel and customer 360 reporting and analytics.

Sitecore On-Premise Connection

Secure and seamless connectivity with on-premise enterprise applications and systems.

Simplify collaboration and realize more value

340+ prebuild connectors

Prebuilt connectors into hundreds of systems for Commerce, Content, and Experiences

No-code data integration

10-20X faster than legacy coding

All-in-one automation platform

Embedded process automation, AI, and data platform.

How Sitecore API integration works

Bi-directional business processes create and update: accounts, customer, inventory, pricing, order and related information.

How the Sitecore Integration Process Works

Baseline Connector Capabilities

  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Codeless configuration bi-directional Sitecore integration
  • Rules based framework and data governance
  • Error capture, reporting and performance analytics
  • Multi-mode deployment options for cloud, hosted and on-premise
  • Multi-version connectors
  • Marketing automation and ESP connectors
  • Content management support
  • Business intelligence and big data support
  • Standard and custom Sitecore api supported

Siteline Analytics for Sitecore

When you need to create the integrated view of Sitecore data with your best of breed solutions, Siteline brings it all together.

  • Create the ultimate customer 360 view of your Sitecore data as it's integrated together

  • Leverage the no code environment with hundreds of connectors to bring all of your data together

  • Solve for end to end attribution, customer intent, LTV, media spend and other analytics needs in a single solution

Sitecore for Sitecore Analytics

Take a 2 Minute Feature Tour

As the owner of Sitecore data integration software you need to know that it can be used by real people.
This is software designed for the professional to unlock value and can't wait for someone to write code with legacy tools.

Sitecore Data Integration Solution Resources For You

How Put It Forward Helps to Integrate Sitecore XM Across the Enterprise

Organizations can access hundreds of pre-built connectors to integrate and sync Sitecore CMS with other solutions in their stack, and automate repetitive events and data workflows with no-code efforts.

The Sitecore Water Cooler Podcast - How to get signals from data

Learn how technologies can help automate the insights and integrations between siloed systems and data.

How To Deliver Sitecore Integration To Improve Scale

Step-by-step walk through of how to deliver Sitecore integration.  See the steps needed to connect, extend and configure business scenarios and more.

Ready to Take the Next Step With Data Integration?

Sitecore Integration Platform Infosheets

These are only some of the Sitecore specific resources. Contact us or Sitecore to find out more.

Sitecore XM CMS Solution Sheet


Sitecore OrderCloud


Sitecore XC and ERP Solution Sheet


Sitecore PIF vs Manual Coding


Sitecore PIF vs ETL Bulk Data Loading


Additional Sitecore Solution Accelerators

FAQ about Sitecore Integration

What is Sitecore integration?

Sitecore integration is the process of connecting Sitecore with other solutions with no-code efforts.

Easily integrate with Sitecore Order Cloud, Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC), Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) with other systems and applications and take the next benefits: 

  • enable the sharing of relevant data on customers, products, transactions, pricing
  • seamlessly connect the content and commerce
  • deliver personalized content across multiple channels in real-time.

Sitecore integration prevents data from being isolated in various systems and sources. It enables a consistent experience and drives personalized omnichannel experience across multiple platforms.

How does the Sitecore integration platform work?

The Sitecore integration platform by Put It Forward allows organizations, departments and employees to effectively manage high volumes of content and data, connect customer data and synchronize it in real-time, get rid of manual work and scale operations.

Access hundreds of pre-built connectors from Put It Forward to integrate and sync Sitecore with other solutions. Deliver personalized omnichannel experience at scale.

The Sitecore integration API offers out-of-the-box functionalities that help organizations automatically synchronize data entities and create a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

What are the benefits of Sitecore integration?

Sitecore integration allows organizations to fully take advantage of integrated data and connected experience, automated business processes, and predicted insights. 

Top benefits of Sitecore integration include:

  • Codeless integration and reduced technical overhead
  • Full deployment, faster delivery and reduced risks of integrating into systems
  • Predictable cost management with clear solutions outcomes
  • Integrated reporting and analytics with data warehouse connectors
  • Enabled true omnichannel and 360-degree view of each customer.