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Develop a predictable revenue engine and close deals faster

Leverage insights to enable a simpler and more efficient seller workflow - hyperpersonalized and automated.

Accelerate pipeline close with sales funnel automation

High-quality prospects

High-quality prospects

Analyze your sales leads and understand their true intent to purchase. Engage the prospects with a high probability to purchase and decrease your acquisition costs.

Accelerated revenue cycle

Accelerated revenue cycle

Automate your sales operations and focus on prospects that bring deals. Get rid of time-consuming nurturing and move to sales.

Positive buyer experience

Positive buyer experience

Connect your sales solutions and get the customers' purchase history integrated into one place. Personalize your sales offer in multiple channels and sell on time.

By Forrester, companies that aligned people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams achieved 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability.

Transform Sales Operations to win more deals

Win more deals, increase the deal size, and react faster to customer demand. Enable an efficient sales cycle with sales automation tools. See the sales automation example of analyzing the purchase probability to bring more deals.

  • Connect sales tools

    Connect any number of sales tools to interact faster with the customers. Cover the customers' needs on time, automatically process their requests, and close deals faster.

  • Automate Sales Process

    Automate your sales workflows to invest time into the customers who bring deals. Get everything synchronized and access the customer sales history in one second.

  • Analyze the probability to purchase

    Use the intent prediction model to analyze the probability of responding and purchasing. Get credible customer insights and build a successful sales strategy at scale.

More solutions to accelerate pipeline velocity

Unified Customer Profile

Connect many fragmented contact profiles into a single customer view. Create a unified view of your customer and see the whole engagement and purchase history.

Intent Prediction

Get your customers' intent signals with propensity modeling. Quickly identify the true intent and apply insights into your sales strategy.

Personalized Customer Experience

See how to connect all the customer touchpoints to build a seamless experience. Deliver your offer based on deep insights about what the customer is really wanting.

Why invest in Intelligent SalesOps?

Automate and optimize sales cycles to win more deals.

Risk Mitigation

100% to 200%

increases high-quality prospects

Risk Mitigation

50% to 80%

increases deal size

Integration Platform


reductions in acquisition costs