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How to Deliver Responsive Selling in the Experience Economy

Embed revenue recommendations deep into where sales is engaging with the customer to increase close rates and deliver better experiences

What's Needed to Sell More With Responsive Selling in the Experience Economy?

In a single recommendation dashboard understand customer intent, sentiment, prediction and engagement with deep learning and AI. Creating better experiences for everyone.

Use Sentiment to Guide Engagement

Activity across campaigns, web, social and other channels feed into sentiment which is used to guide engagement by type.

Use Prediction to Inform Response Type

Powerful AI and deep learning show the user what the predicted and probable type of response is going to be to their action.

Visualize Cross Channel Engagement

Get the complete view of how a person has engaged with your organization across every channel and touch point from email to web to social and more.

Go Deeper With Inline Scoring Models

Display your scoring models such as lead, firmographic and behavior scores in context with prediction to create even deeper understanding.

Quote Test (3)

For us it was a no-brainer, how could we not have our team applications tied together via single sign on and centralized administration? Put It Forward solved this across our entire user base at huge scale”

Kristyn Cobstill - Project Lead

Quote Test

“What you just did for our productivity and how we work was magic - you guys are rock stars, I’m truly blown away"

Uma Asthana  - Director of Operations and Technology

Quote Test (2)

“For me when our internal teams tried to replicate the Put It Forward technology that was when the pin dropped … these are really smart people”

Sarika Saoji - Marketing Platform Technologist

Plugs Seamlessly Into the Places Your Teams Work

  • Embedded plugin for CRM, Service, eCommerce and Voice of the Customer
  • No code configuration and deployment
  • Configure who sees what by role
  • Define how much history and what type of activities are show
  • Suitable for cloud and on-premise applications
  • Provides contact and account views


Put It Forward Foresight Analytics


IDC Analysts View - Integrated Customer Experience by PIF - Years Ahead

The integrated customer experience spans engagement, connection and orchestration road map requires multiple tools and technologies to execute.  IDC shares how these pieces must work together to have end to end success.

Leverage All Your Assets to Create Unique Selling Experiences

  • Create custom views for different people and situations
  • Add custom rules and filter to present information the way you want it
  • Connect it with multiple activity source systems simultaneously

Discover How Customers Have Achieved With Put It Forward:

Conversion Rates Of:


Engagement Increase:


Opt Out Rate Reduction:


Benefits of Revenue Recommendations and Embedded Insights

Get attention focused on the things which are going to generate revenue, close the gap between guessing and knowing what’s going to happen to create better experiences for everyone.

Increase Revenue Team Performance

Get the team focused on spending more time with the right kind of customer - providing a better level of service with deeper insights, and meaningful communication. 

Sell More - Not Forecast Better

Shift the sellers time to focusing on the customers that can buy and away from trying to identify who might buy and when.

Recommend Next Best Customer Leads

Tell the salesperson all the customers you have which have just bought a similar product and recommend who they should approach next.

Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Having the seller know what type of engagement and when the customer is likely to respond shifts the focus to content of the conversation to deliver higher value to the customer.