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Leveraging AI for Deep Sitecore Customer Experiences

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Category: Revenue Growth

Today, organizations struggle to increase the ‘Betta revenue’ they typically have through predictable channels of movement and customer outreach. 

The thing is that 95% of customers fall out of the funnel or pipeline at some point. And only 5% of them remain, generating high value for the business. That’s why it is highly important to receive customer behavior insights before they decide to stop engaging.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about the concept of ‘Alpha revenue’ that is hidden inside your customers' engagement across your platform. We’re going to show how to separate, identify and engage with it, and then harvest it to beat the market today.

You will learn:

  • How to separate signals from noise in the Sitecore universe through customer engagement and customer experience
  • How to turn these signals into revenue opportunities for you and your organization
  • What is the ‘Alpha revenue’ concept and how to identify the hidden revenue
  • How the intelligent automation framework can help you scale the revenue.

This webinar will be useful for business leaders, executives, revenue-focused teams, and anyone who wants to identify the revenue gap and hidden opportunities to scale significantly.

    Happy Intelligent Automation,

    Put It Forward team

    Intelligent Revenue Automation

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