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Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing: Minimize Risks through Data Signals

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Category: Analytics and AI

For manufacturers, machine downtime can cost millions of dollars a year in lost profits, repair costs, and lost production time for employees. 

By embedding predictive analytics in the applications and systems, managers can monitor the condition and performance of equipment and predict failures before they happen. 

With the help of PA, manufacturers could understand how downtime for a single machine can affect the chain or how different configurations may improve overall efficiency.

Getting the key signals in real-time today helps to minimize risks and decrease expenses tomorrow.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to automate the analysis in manufacturing
  • How to identify the key signals from data
  • How to predict risks and decrease expenses.

This webinar will be useful for business leaders, executives, and everyone who’s looking for a smart and secure way to automate the analysis in manufacturing and get real-time insights to minimize risks.

Happy Intelligent Automation,

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