Product and Platform
Here is an introduction into how it all works; the platform manager, designer, code free and technology tools.
Put It Foward's® validated and managed technology partnerships ensure that you have the best in class solutions for your business. Including Oracle®, Workfront®, Salesforce®, Marketo®, Netsuite®, SAP®, Microsoft®, and many more.
Enterprise Capabilities In the Box
Connect Once / Connect Everywhere

Auto-associated Saas connections. An environment with pre-loaded connections to everything in the Put it Forward ecosystem
Leading Industry Cloud Connector Library

Industry leading connectors to accelerate integration with all of your assets
Secure On-Premise Integration

Secure and seamless integration with enterprise applications and systems
Connector SDK

Extensible connector architecture for roll your own scenarios
No code Visual Designer

Responsive browser based designer to build integrations on any device
Auto-Data Mapping

Algorithmic driven data mapping to speed the process, inteli-assisted and manual
Integrated Help

End user friendly environment with integrated help, self guiding integrations and support
Select and Propagate

Select your completed connector and push out to all instances for use
Smart Shuttle Change Management

Dynamically switch between end points and systems for change management. Treat systems as modular. Parallel executions.
Multi-Level Parallel Management

Manage Dev/QA/Test/Prod variations simultaneously

In flight monitoring and validation of data. Check fields, exception management and remediation on the fly
Dynamic Routing and Data Scoring

Use data rules for assigning a score or to route data based on profile
Data Services

Utilize built in data services or call out to third party for dynamic data management. Ideal for data scrubbing and normalization.
Data Quality

Layer in on the fly data quality checks and rules for consistent data going into master systems.
API - Management

Insulate core systems from api churn caused by system change. Put it Forward manages all api' updates and mods.
New Pre-built Connectors

Every new connector added is available for all to use. Select, connect and map to deploy.
Component Architecture
Put it Forward's component architecture spans the entire platform of data service management needs. From connectors, to the data layers, to the developing your own end points to event management and on premise connectivity.
Just How Many Possibilities Are There For You?
There are hundreds of end points within the Put it Forward® ecosystem but what does that mean in terms of opportunity?
Simple: Choose any three of your end points and we can connect them to 32,768,000 other combinations of systems, applications or data.
That's excluding versions and localizations for the statistician in the room.
Global Connectivity Tier 1 Data Centers
Put it Forward® is deployed in state of the art high performance data centers around the world.
The high performance in memory deployment model of Put it Forward® allows us to do bring a level of scale to your solutions that should be considered in any architecture.
Each environment has multiple process and certifications such as SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO SSA 1460.
Key Capabilities: Load balancing, syndicated transactions, regional isolation and performance optimization.
Platform Management and Data Integration
Like many organizations your operating platforma is made up of many applications with relationships to one another.
The Platform Manager allows you to control, connect and interact with each system plus drill down and
create meaningful relationships between the data without a single line of code being written.
The Platform Manager - Span Cloud to On Premise
The Designer - Automatically Discover and Connect
Product and Core Technology
  • Modern Purpose Built
  • Configuration driven
  • Modular architecture
  • Java/HTML5/Responsive
  • No Open Source
  • No Legacy Code
  • Integrated/Multi-tiered Security
  • Secure Cloud
  • Secure on premise connecitivity
  • Audited
  • Actively monitored
  • Multi-modes of Operation
  • In memory and peristent
  • Multi-tenant standard
  • Private cloud deployment option
  • On-premise option
  • Integrated Tools
  • Design and deploy algorithms
  • Developer SDK
  • Advanced developer The Jack
  • Standard developer language (SPL)
Check the infosheets and see the demos
Use these pieces individually or in concert for a deeper experience.
Transform and Control How Things Work
Managing and connecting things shouldn't require an army of hard to find developers - if you Put it Forward - it doesn't.
Intelligent, Fast Data Management
PutItForward automatically discovers what data is available in the system to help you get started quickly. The application is completely cloud based. So there isnt any time delay in getting non-technical and technical users started.
Point, Click, Get Your Data
Point the prebuilt connectors from PutItForward or use your own connector to automatically integrate the source and destination.
Click on the data services or add any business rules, transformations to the integration.
Get the data flowing between the source and destination by selecting the integration interval and activating it.