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Bring Order to the Chaos of Marketing and Revenue Operations

Put It Forward Process Mining for marketing and revenue operations brings visibility to the management of work processes.

  • Measure gap or lag time within a marketing process such as content creation to achieve scale.
  • Quantify the impact of process variation in the workflows to see how it is really working.
  • Improve resource utilization and increase capacity to execute when the need is aligned to the outcome.

Process Mining for Marketing and Revenue Operations

Process mining use case for marketing and revenue operations.

Operations and Users

For the marketing and revenue operations leader process mining gives you the ability to quantify the quality of your process.

While you create and execute your processes in specialized task management, content, and engagement tools, the end-to-end view is obscured. 

So what does it do:

- Creates a line of sight into processes that shows the actual steps taken to execute, not just whether the task is open or completed.
- Save money and time by optimizing processes for efficiency, identifying hidden bottlenecks, and reducing the cost and complexity of working with best-of-breed systems.
- Optimize long-running or cross-enterprise or tenant processes with best practices for your organization.

Process mining for the architect in martech and rev ops.


How does this integrate into your environment, and what's needed for deployment?

First, it's essential to know that everything in Put It Forward is configuration-based, meaning it's fast to deploy, and you don't have to maintain code.

- Work with processes and data defined in the Process Orchestration
- Scale process mining across all marketing and revenue operations systems to focus the action plan.
- Identify choke points at the process level, local system or at the API.
- Analyze level 2 and 3 processes across your organization in a single environment.

Leadership benefits for process automation marketing and revenue operations.

Business Leadership

What can you expect from deploying process mining into the marketing and revenue operations processes?

The big benefit is gaining a true view of resource utilization and where chock points are that siphon valuable time to execute.

Solution Results and Outcomes:

- Value-driven automation planning and business observability.
- Increase operational capacity with execution alignment.
- Improve decision quality with centralized planning and control.
- Reduce leaks to inefficient process gaps across the organization.
- Be better positioned to leverage AI and other automation technologies.

See how marketing and revenue operations process mining works.

This solution demo performs process mining across several best-of-breed marketing systems like Workfront, Asana, and Jira.

Put It Forward Process Automation Resources

Harnessing Customer Insights

One key to staying competitive is understanding how the customer experiences your process. This discussion shows how to leverage insights for competitive gain.

Case Studies

See how automation teams use the Put It Forward platform to integrate and automate processes between across the enterprise.  There are multiple case studies available to reference.

Enterprise Orchestration and Automation

Step through an approach to enterprise orchestration and automation through seamless cross-platform flows to understand the transformative impact.

Key Features Of Put It Forward Process Mining

Process Analysis

360 Process Analysis

Gain end-to-end visibility into processes to see the complete 360 what is happening at all times.
Real time process analysis

Real Time Process Analysis

See into dark processes contained within the integration and orchestration layer to identify bottlenecks and blockers.
No Code Configuration

No Code Configuration

A no-code environment that allows you to work efficiently and scale through configuration with AI predictive modeling.
Integration connectors

Certified Connectors

Hundreds of supported industry-leading pre-built connectors for best of breed systems to include all the needed data..
predictive intent

Integrated Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and AI modules integrated in that do the heavy lifting of deep data analysis.
Time and event based analysis

Time and Event Based Analysis

Analyze the processes by time or events to create separate views that deepen your understanding of where efficiencies can be created.
Process governance

In-flight Process Governance

Check process exits, manage exceptions, and perform error repair on the fly or answer audit calls.
Connect to on-premise systems

Secure On-Premise Connection

Secure and seamless connectivity between the cloud solutions, services and on-premise systems.

Integrated Process Mining

Use the integrated process mining tool to gain visbility into cross team processes and systems.

  • Process mining at the local level within a system and across multiple systems.

  • Create views based on events, time, or operations for multi-layered views of what is happening.

  • Identify how and where AI or automation steps can be introduce to unlock new value.

process mining tools
workfront integration with jira

Identify Blocks Then Optimize With Centralized Orchestration

Take manual work out of the process and focus on high-impact tasks. 

  • Control processes, design execution flows and create cross platform processes.

  • Trigger events, notifications, and actions within IT, PMO, Service, and other systems with the Process Automation Designer

  • Efficiently orchestrate multi-step automation that streamlines operations

  • Scale process automation with AI-powered decision making

FAQ about Put It Forward Process Mining

What is Process Mining?

Process mining analyzes business processes using data to identify inefficiencies, streamline operations, and improve performance.

What is process orchestration?

Process orchestration is the coordination and automation of workflows.

This approach ensures different business processes work together seamlessly, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and improving overall productivity.

What is the benefit of process mining with Workfront data?

Process mining with Workfront data offers several key benefits for businesses:

  1. Enhanced process transparency: Process mining provides a clear, data-driven view of how business processes are actually functioning within Workfront. This allows organizations to understand their true "as-is" processes, identify inefficiencies, and make informed decisions about process improvements.
  2. Identification of bottlenecks and inefficiencies: By analyzing Workfront event logs, process mining can pinpoint bottlenecks, redundancies, and deviations from intended processes. This visibility enables businesses to prioritize improvement efforts and optimize their workflows.
  3. Cost savings and reduced throughput time: Process mining helps streamline processes by identifying opportunities for automation, eliminating unnecessary steps, and reallocating resources. This leads to faster execution, reduced waiting times, and ultimately, cost savings.
  4. Data-driven decision making: Process mining provides objective, fact-based insights derived from actual Workfront data. This enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions about process improvements and resource allocation.
  5. Continuous improvement: Regular analysis of Workfront process data facilitates a culture of continuous improvement. Organizations can monitor the impact of process changes and adapt quickly to evolving business needs.
  6. Improved compliance and risk management: Process mining can help identify deviations from standard operating procedures, ensuring better compliance with internal policies and external regulations.
  7. Enhanced operational efficiency: By providing a comprehensive view of end-to-end processes across systems and departments, process mining enables organizations to optimize their operations, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.
  8. Better resource allocation: Process mining insights allow businesses to assign appropriate resources based on workload and process attributes, leading to more efficient management of tasks, projects, and teams within Workfront.

By leveraging Put It Forward process mining with Workfront data, businesses can gain valuable insights into their workflows, identify areas for improvement, and drive significant enhancements in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance.

What is the benefit of process mining in marketing?

Process mining offers several significant benefits for marketing operations by leveraging data-driven insights to optimize processes and improve overall efficiency. Here are the key benefits:

1. Enhanced Process Transparency

Process mining provides a clear, data-driven view of marketing processes, allowing organizations to visualize and understand the actual flow of activities. This transparency helps identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and deviations from standard procedures, enabling more informed decision-making.

2. Improved Customer Experience

By analyzing customer interactions and touchpoints, process mining can identify pain points and inefficiencies in customer-facing processes. This allows marketing teams to streamline workflows, reduce response times, and enhance the overall customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Data-Driven Decision Making

Process mining tools offer comprehensive data visualization and analytics capabilities, enabling marketing leaders to make more informed, data-driven decisions. This helps in optimizing marketing strategies, targeting the right audience, and allocating resources more effectively.

4. Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

By identifying and eliminating redundant or unnecessary steps in marketing processes, process mining helps reduce resource consumption and avoid costly rework. This leads to significant cost savings and improved efficiency in marketing operations.

5. Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management

Process mining can monitor adherence to marketing regulations and industry standards, reducing compliance risks. By providing a transparent view of processes, it helps ensure that marketing activities comply with legal and regulatory requirements, thus avoiding potential fines and reputational damage.

6. Facilitating Process Transformation

Process mining supports continuous improvement and transformation of marketing processes by providing tangible insights and measures for optimization. This helps marketing teams adapt to changing market conditions and stay competitive.In summary, process mining in marketing helps organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of their processes, improve customer satisfaction, make data-driven decisions, increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and support continuous process transformation.

Do I need Put It Forward Process Mining?

Depending on your need, if you are doing localized process mining that is only bot-based or single threaded processs activity, then local process mining is sufficient.  If you are doing enterprise-wide process mining then Put It Forward's process mining and analytics is needed.  Both can be used without conflict.