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Deliver on the Promise Atlassian Integrations

No-Code/Low-Code configuration connectors for Atlassian that build custom integrations in minutes.

  • Pre-built configuration-based Atlassian integration
  • Create multi-step Atlassian automation to eliminate manual work and boost efficiency
  • Sync projects, tasks, stories, epics, resource utilization, and activities for complete tracking

Atlassian Integration For The Entire Team

Workfront Jira integration operations use case

Operations and Users

For the operational team leader and end users, this integration brings many critical capabilities to the solution.

So what does it do:

- Automates manual bi-directional updates 
- Save time by syncing projects, epics, stories, time, activities, tasks, comments, and documents
- Optimize processes events like project creation, cloning, projects to epics or stories, etc.
- Integrated reporting and project analytics
- Improve reporting and forecasting with up-to-date views of your team tasks and time entry

Workfront Jira integration architect solution


How does this integrate into your environment, and what's needed for deployment?

First, it's essential to know that everything in Put It Forward is configuration-based, meaning it's fast to deploy, and you don't have to maintain code.

- Centralize process set up and configuration in the Process Orchestration
- Scale process automation across the PMO and IT teams
- Cross-link events such as new project creation or activity updates within an epic
- Reduce duplication of efforts with automated bi-directional or uni-directional updates
- Automate large operations like project cloning for even greater efficiencies

Workfront Jira integration leadership and executive sponsor

Business Leadership

What you can expect from deploying PMO/IT cross-automation.

The teams will always need to use solutions specific to their operations, whether in project management, delivery, technology, development, or support.

Solution Results and Outcomes:

- Increase operational capacity by getting everyone synchronized on the same page
- Improve decision quality with centralized activity reporting
- Reduce license costs and save time by eliminating double system entry
- Better project budgeting and planning

Hundreds of Atlassian Integrations Scenarios

Learn more, watch these solution videos, and see our featured Atlassian connections. If you don't see your application, let us know.

jira integration

Jira Integration

End to end Jira Integration Simplified
Workfront Jira integration

Jira Workfront Integration

Deliver on the Promise Workfront Jira Integration
Take a Tour of the End to End Scenario

As the owner of data integration software, you need to know that real people can use it.

This software is designed for the professional to unlock value and can't wait for someone to write code with legacy tools.

Put It Forward Atlassian Integrations Resources

How to integrate Workfront and Jira

This how-to article shows how to integrate Workfront and Jira, fundamental integration steps, bottlenecks on the way, and how to increase project teams' alignment and streamline efficiency.

Case Studies

See how IT and PMO teams use the Put It Forward platform to integrate and automate processes between Workfront and Jira.  There are multiple case studies available to reference.

Workfront Jira Integration Infosheet

The Workfront Jira integration information sheet is a comprehensive resource offering various use cases, value propositions, solution details, technical information, and screenshots. It's the perfect tool to help you optimize your workflow and streamline your processes.

Atlassian Approved Integration

Critical Features for Atlassian integrations

Automate project creation and assign tasks and issues between systems. Identify how to manage projects better with shared activity performance.

Seamless Project Integration

Have projects, epics, stories, tasks, notes, and attachments be seamlessly connected so everyone stays synched up.


Keep your reporting straight with cross-system metrics such as percent complete, resource utilization, and cost tracking.

Work Your Way

Use your naming conventions in each system while the integration manages their relationships.

Bi-Directional Connectors

Access all the data and use it in bi-directional processes or task flows.

Document and Asset Sync

Keep everyone on the same page by ensuring each system has the most current version of the attached documents.

Business Rules and Triggers

Use business rules and triggers to determine when events happen, such as only creating a project when it's approved.

Atlassian On-Premise Connection

If you're using Atlassian on-premise, you can securely and seamlessly connect with other systems to keep everyone in sync.

No Code Configuration

A no-code platform that enables business users of any technical level to create powerful integrations quickly.

Simplified Atlassian Integration Designer

Use a visual, drag-and-drop interface to build Atlassian integrations quickly.

  • Complete bi-directional integration that allows data flow in both directions

  • Real-time to bulk integration that meets your workflow needs

  • Improve efficiencies and minimize IT costs with 24/7 support
  • Centrally manage exceptions, notifications, and errors

  • Integrated data security and governance

Workfront Jira Integration
jira workfront integration frequency
Integration Frequency Selection

Choose the frequency at which you want the integration to run.

  • Automated integrations can run at the frequency of your choice

  • Bi-directional integrations can run at different speeds

  • Schedule an integration to run sometime in the future or also start in the past to catch up on data after a change

Simplify Complex Processes With Centralized Orchestration

Take manual work out of the process and focus on high-impact tasks. 

  • Clone projects, epics, large issue layers and entire workflows

  • Trigger events, notifications, and actions within systems 

  • Efficiently orchestrate multi-step automation that streamlines operations

  • Scale process automation with AI-powered decision making

workfront integration with jira
Jira Workfront Integration Task Select
Update and Trace

Make the most of your experience with Atlassian by selecting the items you want to integrate at the task level.

  • Select which tasks, issues, and content are integrated into Atlassian when ready.

  • Have the corresponding issue ID and link available.