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Marketo Salesforce 

No-Code configuration connectors to integrate Marketo with Salesforce in minutes.

This integration allows you to bi-directionally sync contacts, accounts, campaigns, or any custom fields.

Automate records updates and ensure tight alignment across your sales, marketing, and support teams, which increases retention and sales win rates.

marketo salesforce integration

Key Features for Salesforce Marketo Integration

Automate records creation and sync data between Marketo and Salesforce seamlessly.

Seamless Campaigns Integration

Have campaigns, opportunities, accounts, contacts, leads and attachments be seamlessly connected so everyone stays synched up

Reporting in Salesforce or Marketo

Keep your reporting straight with cross system metrics such as conversion rate, open opportunities and sales cycle

Work Your Way

Use your own naming conventions in each system while the integration manages the relationships between them

Bi-Directional Connectors

Get access to all of the data in Salesforce or Marketo and use it in bi-directional records updates

Document and Asset Sync

Keep everyone on the same page by ensuring that most current version of attached documents are in each system

Business Rules and Triggers

Use business rules and triggers to determine when events happen such as only create a project when it's approved

Integrated Help

User friendly environment with integrated help, self guiding integrations and support

No Code Configuration

A no code environment allows you to work efficiently and scale mission-critical processes

Simplified Marketo and Salesforce integration 

Use a visual, drag-and-drop interface to easily build Marketo Salesforce integration.

  • Bi-directional integration that automates the process of records updating in both Marketo and Salesforce

  • Real-time to bulk integration that meets your business process needs

  • Maximize productivity and minimize IT costs with 24/7 support

  • Centrally manage exceptions, notifications and errors
  • Integrated data security and governance

salesforce marketo integration
marketo and salesforce integration
Integration Frequency Selection

Choose the frequency that you want the integration to run at.

  • Automated integrations can run at the frequency of your choice

  • Bi-directional integrations can run at different speeds

  • Schedule an integration to run some time in the future or also start in the past to catch up data after a change

Get efficient with Salesforce and Marketo automation

Take manual work out and focus on high-impact tasks. 

  • Easily orchestrate multi-step automation that streamlines a variety of operations

  • Trigger events, notifications, and actions within Salesforce and Marketo 

  • Scale process automation with AI-powered decision making

marketo integration with salesforce
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Salesforce and Marketo Integration Resources

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This how to article goes through the steps for leveraging api integration as part of digital transformation as you consider scale.

Case Study

Failed and stalled project turned around with Integration Designer which reduced overall costs, brought the project to completion, and exceeded the original mandate.

Salesforce and Marketo Integration Infosheet

Explore Salesforce and Marketo integration infosheet with core use cases, value proposition and solution details.

Ready to Take the Next Step With Salesforce and Marketo Integration?

Solve The Requirements of Marketo to Salesforce Integration

No Code Connectors

Hundreds of Pre Built Connectors made for CRM to big data api integration which replaces legacy middleware or ETL.

Integration + Automation

Automate and trigger events across multiple, cross cloud and on-premise solutions to orchestrate business processes for cross functional execution.

Your Data - Your way

Simple to complex business rules or transformation logic to manage, normalize and enrich your data in the way you want. Maintain integrity across the complete lifecycle.

Integrated Data Quality

Built in quality and governance functions that ensure traceable data integrity is maintained across the entire management lifecycle.

FAQ about Marketo Salesforce integration

What is bi-directional Marketo integration with Salesforce?

Bi-directional Marketo integration with Salesforce is the sync of two datasets when data flows both ways. This allows them to act as one while still maintaining their uniqueness as separate.

When integrating Marketo with Salesforce bi-directionally, you can sync campaigns, accounts, or opportunities, which aligns marketing and sales teams and enhances customer experience. 

Salesforce Marketo integration by Put It Forward makes it quick to adjust the fields to sync, how they map, and conditions for when to trigger the synchronization process.

How to integrate Marketo with Salesforce?

Marketo Salesforce integration allows you to do a data load, synchronize across systems, export, add data quality checks or govern your data. There are three easy steps to start with it:

1. Point the pre-built connectors from Put it Forward or use your own connector to automatically integrate the source and destination.

2. Click on the data services or add any business rules or transformations to the integration.

3. Get the data flowing between the source and destination by selecting the integration interval and activating it.

Do I need Salesforce Marketo integration?

Here are common scenarios you would need Marketo and Salesforce integration for:

1. Bi-directional records sync between Salesforce and Marketo.

2. Customer experience enhancement, retention growth, and sales win rate improvement.

3. Centralized activity management across processes and communication.

4. Workflow and process efficiency growth. 

5. Integrated reporting in Salesforce and Marketo. 

7. Data analysis to determine effective processes and issue behaviors.

What is business rule integration for Salesforce and Marketo?

This integration provides a business rule-based sync of data. Business rules are guidelines or restrictions about business behavior.

For example, Marketo and Salesforce integration empowers users to decide which events will trigger which actions and which data should be flowing between these two systems.

This solution allows you to use business logic without developer assistance and without a need for an additional tool.

What is integration frequency?

Salesforce and Marketo integration frequency is a feature that empowers users to decide how often data updates. Users can invoke data sync in real-time, just in time, or in batch cycles.

What is the business value of Marketo to Salesforce integration?

Marketo to Salesforce integration helps you reduce duplication of license costs and keeps your project teams in sync.