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Real-Time Customer Insights Drive Better Engagement

Today’s marketing teams are using hundreds of best-of-breed solutions to create customer experiences. Insights come when you can see into all of them together.

Put It Forward provides the no-code customer insights solution to create a unified customer experience.

Automate the Engagement Process

Empower you marketing strategy with the integrated customer insights

Operate with a single customer view

Integrate multiple customer touchpoints across marketing channels, and get customer signals.

Generate more qualified leads

Automate the routine marketing operations, and run the insights-driven campaigns.

Personalize customer experience

Understand your customer demand in real-time and reach out to them with the right offer at the right time.

Unlock revenue with personalized engagement

Create a single data view

Integrate data like customer web visits, traffic sources, previous engagement and purchase history to campaigns and segments. Save tons of time accessing the data at any moment.

Understand customer behavior

Easily understand how any customer interacts with the brand and product at each step. Identify the behavior patterns, preferences, and needs to make the right offer at the right time.

Improve engagement strategy

Automate marketing workflows to manage all customer interactions and track the level of engagement. Reach out to the most engaged customers, and define who is ready to talk.

Personalize content at scale

Deliver relevant content based on individual consumer data across the entire customer journey, which makes the shopping experience much easier and more enjoyable.

Drive lead generation and grow pipeline

Segment the audience by their readiness to talk and purchase, and reach out to them with the right offer. Generate more marketing-qualified leads and automatically share them with the sales team.

Hundreds of organizations have implemented
Put It Forward customer insights solution

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Facilitate your engagement efforts

Customer 360 View

Market to your customer more effectively across their journey

Cost Attribution

Budget more precisely with predictable cost attribution

Relevant Lead Scoring

Generate higher qualified leads with scoring that is real-time and relevant

Customer Expansion

Connect front-end to back-end and increase expansion opportunities

Cross - Channel

Bridge the unknown visitor to the known contact

Reporting Accuracy

Get higher level of reporting detail by connecting lead to close systems

Customer Data Integration

Align customer data across the organization and improve customer experience

Data Governance

Meet governance requirements with better control of customer data

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Calculate ROI of using marketing automation solution

Use the Put It Forward integration ROI calculator to check the value of scaled data automation in marketing.