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Insider Unified Customer Experiences Connected Across the Enterprise 

Deliver seamless experiences at scale with connected customer profile data and process automation.

Insider CDP Integration: Unified Customer Data For All Teams

Progressively build up customer data from all touchpoints into Insider's customer data platform.

Unified customer platform Insider CDP 360 views

Operations and Users - Better Outcomes

Build a complete 360-degree view of your customers, forming the foundation of a successful omnichannel approach.

Effortlessly combine customer engagement data from multiple sources to improve business processes.

Transform raw data into valuable insights, automatically triggering key process steps.

Best of breed customer data integration and process orchestration

Architect - Optimize Best of Breed

Traditional top-tier systems often struggle to integrate effectively with each other.

Organizations should adopt adaptable data platforms to enhance customer experience and reduce obstacles.

Implement high-quality operational processes to provide superior customer service.

Decision process automation use case

Business Leadership - Scale

Our approach focuses on delivering user-friendly tools that empower professionals across all levels of technical expertise. By simplifying complex data management and governance, we enable:

  • - Easy access to sophisticated data science capabilities
  • - Intuitive interfaces that don't require coding skills
  • - Rapid adoption and implementation across teams

Insider CDP Integration for Customer Data Management

The key to delivering an exceptional customer experience, according to McKinsey, is to understand the customer's journey, redesign the business from the customer's perspective, and align the organization to deliver tangible outcomes that create value and build customer loyalty.

Combine Insider CDP Integration and No-Code Development

Put It Forward Integration Designer is central to the platform as an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure solution for integrating data from various sources, including Insider CDP.

  • No-code Integration Designer: For architects, IT professionals, and business users.
  • Pre-built connectors and auto builders: Hundreds of connectors for quick integration.
  • Centralized data management: Single point for field mapping, transformation logic, and business rules.
sitecore integration
Key automation features for Insider users
No code automated data integration for Sitecore

AI Powered Data Mapping

Take the complexity out of integrating Insider into enterprise systems with powerful easy to use tools.

  • Our tools leverage AI capabilities to make connecting Insider a breeze. Just push a button to implement best practices.
  • Quickly connect to your CRM, ERP, ITSM, and other critical systems. Achieve end-to-end process control with ease.
  • Connect your standard and custom fields to keep everything in sync across your enterprise systems. Eliminate manual data entry and errors.

Integration Frequency Management

Adjust process speed by the nature of what needs to be done for example:

  • New customer onboarding - real-time!
  • Voice of the customer - real time!
  • Product purchases - intraday

The choice is yours.

Sitecore Real Time Integration

What Unlocks a Powerful Customer Experience?

Scales End to End

Is able to connect the end to end experience that starts with the direct customer straight through to fulfillment and service.

Ability to Change Quickly

As the world and events change quickly so does the market, any model that you use needs to constantly mine new information.

Deep Insights Simplified

Data insights are made easy to understand and work with that show really what is happening with the customer.

Works With Humans

Be easy to use as part of a professionals day to day to decision process without requiring a Phd in computer science.

Orchestrated Customer Journey

The ability to create composable customer journeys that can be integrated into your own internal processes

Unlocks Deep Personalization

Content to commerce to contracts are all part of the experience which need to be structured in just the right way for each buyer persona.

Customer Lifetime Value - CLV

Being able to understand what the possible total value is of that customer over their lifetime so you can allocate appropriate resources.

Shows ROI Clearly

Can take complex predictions and break them down into simple categories like probability to purchase or cost of customer acquisition.

More solutions to take your customer experience to the next-level

The Key for Better Customer Experiences

Learn how to optimize processes and interactions across all touchpoints. Access the unified view of customer data and lower costs of acquisition.

How to Create a Customer Experience Strategy

Based on market feedback, the customer experience strategy can be effectively applied to both B2B and B2C scenarios.

How to Predict Customer Behavior and Analyze the Demand

Quickly identify intent within large data sets, connect insights into action with embedded integration, and monitor insights on the intelligent dashboard.

FAQ about UserInsider Customer Experience and Put It Forward

How does customer experience automation play a role in segmentation?

Customer experience automation plays a significant role in segmentation by enabling businesses to categorize their audience into subgroups based on shared characteristics, such as demographics, shopping habits, and personal values. This segmentation ensures that each contact receives content tailored to their unique requirements and at the most appropriate times. Automation tools, like AI chatbots and automated email campaigns, help optimize communication with both prospective and existing customers, ensuring their needs are met seamlessly from start to finish, resulting in more personalized interactions.

How does traditional customer experience analytics contribute to optimization?

Traditional customer experience analytics involves gathering and analyzing customer data to uncover insights about customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. By identifying trends, patterns, and areas for improvement, organizations can make data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey.

How do real-time customer experience analytics contribute to optimization?

Real-time customer experience analytics helps businesses optimize customer interactions by:

1. Personalizing experiences based on individual customer needs.
2. Resolving issues quickly before they escalate.
3. Targeting marketing efforts to the most relevant products and services.
4. Predicting future behavior to stay ahead of customer needs.
5. Continuously improving customer experience strategies.

This leads to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, business growth.

What is involved in customer experience transformation?

Customer experience transformation entails overhauling processes, systems, and strategies to enhance the customer journey, often leveraging digital technologies and insights from customer experience analytics.

How does a digital customer experience strategy impact optimization?

A digital customer experience strategy optimizes the customer journey across digital touchpoints to drive business outcomes like increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue

What are customer experience KPIs, and why are they important for optimization?

Customer experience KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are metrics used to measure the effectiveness of customer interactions and satisfaction levels. Monitoring these KPIs is crucial for identifying improvement areas and guiding optimization efforts.

How do customer experience software and analytics tools contribute to optimization?

Enterprise customer experience software such as marketing, sales and service working with analytics tools provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points, enabling businesses to identify optimization opportunities and tailor strategies accordingly.

What is omnichannel customer experience, and how does it relate to optimization?

Omnichannel customer experience involves providing a seamless and integrated experience across all channels. Optimizing omnichannel experiences ensures consistency and personalization across touchpoints, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

What are some customer experience solutions available for optimization purposes?

Customer experience solutions encompass a large number of technologies and processes such as customer onboarding, quote to cash and delivery, voice of the customer, lifetime value, cross-sell and upsell, and revenue operations.

How does integration with Useinsider CDP benefit eCommerce marketing automation?

Integrating with UseInsider's Customer Data Platform (CDP) can greatly benefit eCommerce marketing automation in several ways:

• Unified Customer View: Combines customer data for targeted marketing.
• Personalized Experiences Creates tailored experiences across channels.
• Consistent Brand Experience: Ensures consistency across all channels.
• Predictive Analytics: Forecasts customer behavior for optimized marketing.
• Data Management and Compliance: Simplifies data management and ensures compliance.
• Automation and Efficiency: Automates tasks and reduces errors.
• Enhanced Customer Journeys: Identifies impactful touchpoints and channels.
• Increased ROI: Optimizes campaigns for better returns.

In summary, integrating with UseInsider's CDP through Put It Forward can significantly enhance eCommerce marketing automation by providing a unified customer view, enabling personalization, and improving data management and compliance.