IDC Technology Spotlight

Intelligent Automation Focusing on Real-Time Insights

Getting the most value out of your data is now more crucial than ever.

Now organizations should be able to connect insights with applications to more quickly realize value from responding correctly to predictions and improving efficiencies.

To respond faster to customer needs, businesses are looking for a single solution that will help them:
- Orchestrate the flow of work between applications
- Leverage existing applications to execute the work
- Utilize relevant data in near real-time for predictive analytics to support decision-making.

Discover how to grow your business with Intelligent Automation!

IDC Technology Spotlight - Intelligent Automation
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What you will learn from this whitepaper

Discover, connect, integrate, stage, analyze, orchestrate and predict outcomes - all in one place

Cross-Application Orchestration of Project Activities

Business teams must work faster by automating the business process management to coordinate the tasks with no help from developers.

Machine Learning Models for Predictive Insights

The predictive insights work by continuously sampling the data flowing between systems as well as the data at rest.

Automating Low-Value Activities by High-Cost Workers

An emerging design pattern orchestrates processes performed by an individual worker to automate tasks.

Converging Predictive Analytics and Transaction-Based Workloads

Predictive analytics in combination with rules and optimization software helps make decisions and automate responses.

New Requirements of Integration and Orchestration Software

Traditional integration must be extended by embedding more deeply into a process tier that connects applications together to execute projects, activities, and processes. 

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About the Authors

Maureen Fleming - IDC Program Vice President, Intelligent Process Automation

Maureen Fleming is Program Vice President for IDC's Business Process Management and Middleware research area. In this role, Ms. Fleming examines the products and processes used for building, integrating, and deploying applications within an extended enterprise system.

Sriram Subramanian - Research Director, Data Integration and Data Integrity Software

Sriram Subramanian is a Research Director within IDC's AI and Automation Software Research group covering AI/ ML Lifecycle Management Software.  He advises vendors on product strategy, market positioning, and messaging; and buyers on implementing end-to-end scalable ML pipelines and AI-enabled digital transformation best practices to meet their business needs.

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