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End-to-End Customer Experiences Requires Data and Insights in Motion

Business teams trying to work together face more complex ecosystems and business environments than ever before in today's era of digitization. This new world is one that is dynamic, decentralized, data driven, automated, and self-learning.

Managing a single process across multiple clouds is changing integration and orchestration requirements substantially as businesses focus on automation and faster business cycles. Three common design patterns illustrate how evolving integration needs call for a broader set of capabilities are identified in the paper.

What you will learn from this whitepaper

Gain valuable context with an overview of integration roadmaps, a perspective on vendor practices and priorities, and insights into performance and data quality.

  • What is Needed for Success in Digital Transformation - What are the quantifiable effects on the business?
  • 3 Key Design Patterns to Deal With - How to approach for success.
  • Reference Business Architecture - How to establish a context driven approach.

Discover the true considerations for success in digital transformation on your path forward.

"An IBM Study reports that knowledge workers spent 50 percent of their time hunting for data, finding and correcting errors, and searching for confirmatory sources for data they don’t trust. The same study estimates that decisions made from bad data cost the U.S. economy roughly $3.1 trillion dollars each year.” 

Harvard Business Review

About the Authors

A Few Words

Maureen Fleming - IDC Program Vice President, Intelligent Process Automation

Maureen Fleming is Program Vice President for IDC's Business Process Management and Middleware research area. In this role, Ms. Fleming examines the products and processes used for building, integrating, and deploying applications within an extended enterprise system.

Stewart Bond - Research Director, Data Integration and Data Integrity Software

Stewart Bond is Research Director of IDC's Data Integration and Integrity Software service. Mr. Bond's core research coverage includes watching emerging trends that are shaping and changing data movement, ingestion, transformation, mastering, cleansing, and consumption in the era of digital transformation

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